I have been contemplating to give this restaurant a try ever since i first saw the extreme long queue just a week before JEM's ceiling collapse. Photos on Instagram spams looks pretty decent too. Finally, i found the chance to go there last week! I even made a reservation thinking that there would be a lunch crowd. To our surprise, it was only half full.

3-Flavoured Noodle Crisp with Seafood ($10.5)
We ordered one dish from almost all the categories. It did not take very long for the dishes to arrive, we were very excited to try 3-Flavour Noodle Crisp with Seafood which they claim is a Chef's Recommendation. It was like the deco you see around the chinese Yam Ring dish, except that it is coloured and more flavourful. It is a light appetizer but the crisp dies after a while so eat it fast! There's also about 3 prawns hidden in there but for $10.50?
Green Papaya Salad ( $10)

Nobody goes to a Thai restaurant without having one of those spicy and sour salad. We had the Green Papaya Salad, as usual it is topped with peanuts and mixed chilli padi. I quite like this for its crunchy papaya and sauce blends well with each other. It helps to whet your appetite for the other heavier dishes.
Seafood Phad Thai ( $11.9)
Next up was the Seafood Phad Thai, another favourite amongst diners in Thai restaurants. It is also a pretty accurate determinant whether the overall quality of the food is good. Sadly, Bangkok Jam's was a little disappointing. I suspected we mixed too much of the sugar given on the side into the noodles itself. But firstly, the noodles were a bit hard and the taste was too sweet on its own already. We had a hard time swallowing this on the whole :(

The Chilli Fried Rice came in a claypot but the portion was miniscule. It taste like the fried rice my grandma cooks at home though, so i was a little disappointed as it was meant to be one of the signatures. Similarly for the Seafood in Clear Tom Yum Soup which was significantly little and we doubt if it even contains 5 mouthfuls. The soup was a little bland and was neither sour or spicy enough for my liking. Both had seafood ( mostly prawns) in them and they were quite fresh. That was probably the only bonus.

Green Curry Chicken ($11.5)
Finally, the Green Curry Chicken came in a unique display. Then again, the curry was like in a kiddy earthen pot which some achar at the side. For those we goes for spice in their food especially curries might be sad to know the curry was quite thick but a little salty and not spicy enough. The chicken chunks were tender and not fatty at all. I guess this is my favourite dish so far. 

Service was quite prompt while the ambience was more of a casual setting. Suitable for lunches, dinners, gatherings with small or large group of friends. 

Overall, i would rate this place 2.5/5. Simply because the food was not fantastic and the price we forked out was definitely not worth it.

We spent a total of $74! Yet, we left the restaurant half full and had to end up at Macs! If you like exquisite dishes, they have quite a range to offer. But if you prefer your staples and traditional Thai food, i will not recommend here :)

Bangkok Jam
#03-21, Singapore 608549
Tel Number: 6268 9960

*Has other outlets in Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia


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