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Supposed to have brunch at Wimbly Lu but it seems like the pizzeria next door is telling me to stop by for some irresistible hot-stoned pizzas.

La Pizzaiola is located just beside Wimbly Lu ( if you know where this is). About 10 minutes walk from Serangoon MRT station, use Google Map if you do not want to go missing within the maze of private houses. There is not many distinctive shops but luckily we had a guide who went there before. I liked the exterior design of the shophouse where the eateries are located at. It's away from the huzz and buzz of the city centre and gives diners some peace and tranquility.

We headed straight into La Pizzaiola and apparently, reservations is highly advisable as it was a Friday and lunch crowd can get really packed. We were given a high table next to the open kitchen concept, so i managed to catch a glimpse of the cooks as they dutifully mould the pizza doughs etc.. Iced water in bottles were placed on our table almost immediately and refilled promptly after we finished pouring into our glasses. Since it was our first time, we had to ask for some recommendations on which to order. The waitress was quite nice and gave us some ideas. As we did not want to eat too much, we settled upon one Rucola Parma Pizza ( $19.90) and a Spring Chicken ( $19.90).

Rucola Parma Pizza
The Spring Chicken had to wait for a longer time but the pizza came pretty fast. There was tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket salad and parma ham to top it all. It was my first time with a parma ham pizza and i actually loved it. The slightly savoury ham together with the fresh salad was a great combination for a pizza. The pizza dough was just nice, neither too chewy nor thick.

Spring Chicken was marinated with rosemary, thyme, sage and garlic. It came with more rocket salad and some vinaigrette and fresh rectangular-shaped roasted potatoes. We all loved the potatoes! Has to be one of the best roasted potatoes i ever had, the skin was roast to crisp while the inside was buttery and flavourful. The spring chicken was tender as ever, even the breast meat was juicy and infused with the marinate. I ate all the skin up because they aren't greasy and to dispose it will be such a regret!
Spring Chicken
We spent about 15 bucks per person and left with a satisfied tummy.

Next stop was Wimbly Lu. I've done enough research to make sure that i was there for the right food to satisfy my sweet tooth. As we stepped into the cosy and quaint cafe, we were greeted by friendly and cheery staffs who ushered us to a table for 3 which was just nice beside the water cooler. Some people make reservations to guarantee themselves of the sofa seats which looked really comfortable for an afternoon nap.

The cakes and chocolates were displayed prettily inside the glass counters. All of them look so glamarous i can hardly bear to eat any! We still decided to stick to the popular ones which are the Rootbeer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream($6), Waffles with Toffee Syrup and Salted Caramel Ice cream($8.50)and finally, Molten Chocolate Lava Cake($6).

Outside Wimbly Lu
Display of Cakes 
Our Rootbeer Cake came in a cocktail glass. It was divine. Also my first attempt with Rootbeer Cake, i fell in love with it immediately. Although i could not taste the root beer scent very much, you would know it is not pure chocolate cake at your first bite.

Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
The waffles are indeed scrumptious and fluffy. It does not look as good as it taste but trust me, you will love it. Weather they are soaked in the ice cream and syrup or just eaten on its own. The waffles shall be the winner in my list before i find another better one. I will try the waffles without ice cream next time! Oh.. and you can choose from a variety of ice cream flavours and syrup to go with it :)
Waffles with Salted Caramel Ice Cream & Toffee Syrup
There is no excuse for not loving Molten Lava Cake. Baked in a little clay bowl, the petite-sized cake is full of surprises for excited diners like me. Usually, if the cake is placed on a plate, i would cut open the cake to let the 'lava' ooze out, but in this case, i could only make a lid and show how the gooey chocolate runs inside the enclosed cake. One simply cannot keep her mouth off this delectable dessert. I must really thank the inventor of Molten Lava Cake as it is truly the King of Desserts. NOTE* Baked only upon order so it takes a while!
Molten Lava Cake 
Prices at Wimbly Lu is one of the lowest amongst cafes i have been. Food here is served whole-heartedly as you can see from every little detail from the design of the place to the taste. I will come back again, so should you (:


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