A day out to JOHOR BAHRU

Getting a bit sick of finding nice food in Singapore?

Today, we shall take a tour out to our neighbouring country.. MALAYSIA!

It's so easy to get to JB these days since it is just a bus ride away. There's so many reasons to go JB for a day outing.
1) Travelling there might take less than travelling from one end to another end of Singapore.
2) Exchange rate is 1SGD:2.59RM
3) Food is delicious
4) Queue is short
5) We just love having a getaway from the busy city.

Now let's see how a day in JB can't get more exciting! We'd be going around the area near the checkpoint so there is no need to travel by cab to somewhere else.

1st Stop: Kam Long Restaurant Curry Fish Head  ( 金龙咖喱鱼头)
Address: Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Prices on the wall at Kam Long Restaurant
Our Large Fish Head Curry with 2 halves of a head ( RM40)
If you love your curries and fish head, just like me, you will have to try this. Unlike normal fish head curries you usually eat at Tzechar stalls, this restaurant serves the one and only item which is also what drives customers from Singapore and everywhere else to this coffee shop. The dish is served bubbling hot in a claypot, with lots of mixed vegetables and tau kee ( soy bean sticks ) which is bound to make you salivate before digging in. The tau kee is something not many curry fish heads have, and it really is flavourful when soaked with the slightly sour curry.

The red snapper is fresh ( you can tell by how shiny the eyes is when it stares at you :P )while the curry is rich and thick. Although the weather is hot and humid, customers like me never fail to wipe this dish clean. There are 4 pricing for the fish head curry ( as seen above).

2nd Stop: Canton-i @ City Square
Address: City Square, J3-05

After the curry, let's get some dimsum and tea in this HK-style restaurant. There was a long queue at lunch, we got a table quick nevertheless. We ordered the usual, chicken feet, beancurd roll, porridge, crispy roast pork, the piggy buns ( see below)... and the must have at all hk cafes, CUSTARD BUN! We also ordered an iced yuan yang ( a mix of coffee and milk tea) and a Oolong tea for 2. The custard bun did not disappoint me. The filling flowed out upon a bite and the intense taste of egg yolk melted my heart immediately. Good liu sha bao never fails to make my day.

The porridge which we ordered another set of fried dough ( you tiao) to go with was also sumptious. I also like the roast pork with crispy skin and a mustard dip. Another dish worth complimenting were the XO Carrot cake and the char siew bao. The former was fried with lots of egg, beansprouts and garlic which was very tasty altogether. The charsiew bao, unlike the usual red sweet sauce was black sauce, very flavourful indeed. The tea definitely helps to cleanse all the oily food we had till then :)

Altogether, we spent RM121.35 ( after Service charge and Govt Tax) for many dishes and drinks.

Also at: Ion Orchard & Star Vista

3rd Stop: Kimbo BBQAddress: City Square, J3-19B

Kimdo BBQ
6 chicken wing skewers ( RM1.50 each) and Balonglong Juice
Grilled Squid 
For some snacks, try these skewered BBQ chicken wings (RM1.50) . They are flattened and half-deboned before marinating and stuck into a satay stick. They will BBQ on the spot after you choose your skewers. We also ordered a grilled squid as well, this cost RM17 and it is all decided by the seller who uses his eyes to weigh O.O There were 2 homemade sauces for you to dip, one is a green chilli and the other is the thai red chilli sauce. Their specially blended Balonglong juice mixed with plum is a must try. It is known to for its health benefits and weight loss as well!

So head down to JB for some greasy yet happy food for all!

4th Stop: Woodlands Centre Food Market
Address: Beside Woodlands Checkpoint, Blk 4A

Before going home, why not drop by this hawker centre for some delicious food too?
Yan Ji Wei Wei Food Stall that serves seafood soup

There's a famous seafood soup stall, Yan Ji Wei Wei Food Stall 炎记威威食品 which serves awesome fish soup. I had it before so this time we did not eat from the stall. But the soup base here is really quite different from the usual fish soup. It is very addictive and you will definitely crave for more one mouth after the other. 
Hokkien Prawn Mee stall

Instead, we had fried hokkien prawn mee which was below our expectations. The standard has dropped from the previous time we ha it. There is no punch to the noodles and fish cakes were used to replace squid.

We also had mutton satay which is pretty average. But i like how it is not too greasy and loaded with fats within each satay. The satay sauce could do better with a little more oil though, quite dry thereby making it hard to dip.

The kambing soup was the best we had for the dinner. The mutton smell was robust yet not overwhelming. However, the mee goreng was just average and the noodles was so minced that i thought it was nasi i was having. 

Finally, don't forget to have some teh tarik, teh harlia or lime juice with plum to go with your meal!


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