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Best Chocolate Lava Cake You Get in Town

My favourite food is Chocolatey Stuffs and all kinds of desserts( at least i haven't exactly hated one thus far,haha). As usual, i would be craving for something sweet after even after a full meal. Yes..this time i am hunting for my favourite and the most delicious one..

Bakerzin's Warm Varlrhona Chocolate Cake is currently having its promotion period( till January 31st) so for those who have yet to try it, you still have some time to have a go at it. My mum generously treated me to a sumptuous dinner at the new Bakerzin outlet in Northpoint last friday. We each had a set meal and we kind of shared the main courses which were seafood pizza and a ham and bacon aglio olio. The seafood pizza was unique as i had never tried a pizza with such crust before, it is just like those pastry puff you eat at delifrance, super crispy. The aglio olio was quite worth it too as it is full of ham and bacon and it was really the spicy one we loved.

Next comes our hot hot chocolate cake which is de…