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After a loooong time...

free dessert!!peanut mochi
fried promfret fish:DDD
claypot stewed cabbage with mushrooms ~ best with rice!
claypot bittergourd and pork
oyster omellete

It has been years since i've updated my blog and i feel the sudden urge to revive it! Having been eating at several places till date, i have thought through about what should i post today..Hence, i will share will you about my latest favourite ie. Shinye by TungLok. Located at Meidi-ya Clark Quay. Many of you might not have heard of it but it is originated in Taiwan and is famous for its Mullet but i just don't fancy it..Maybe it's too saltish to be a main dish within the menu.
The restaurant setting is just like most of the TungLok restaurants, simply deco…