After a loooong time...

free dessert!!peanut mochi
fried promfret fish:DDD
claypot stewed cabbage with mushrooms ~ best with rice!
claypot bittergourd and pork
oyster omellete

It has been years since i've updated my blog and i feel the sudden urge to revive it! Having been eating at several places till date, i have thought through about what should i post today..
Hence, i will share will you about my latest favourite ie. Shinye by TungLok. Located at Meidi-ya Clark Quay. Many of you might not have heard of it but it is originated in Taiwan and is famous for its Mullet but i just don't fancy it..Maybe it's too saltish to be a main dish within the menu.

The restaurant setting is just like most of the TungLok restaurants, simply decorated with chinese oriented chairs, doors etc. The staffs on that day seems a bit unfriendly, making our ordering experience and also the overall dining not that fantastic. We wanted to use a voucher but then realised it's a public holiday and it is invalid. But we still ordered what we have decided.

Being an adventurous eater, i would always choose to order something which i have not tried before and also the recommended ones off the menu. Since we all love hot food( and i really mean HOT HOT HOT), we chose claypot dishes like a bittergourd with pork. And also a fried promfret fillet, fried oyster omellete, and a stewed cabbage with mushrooms. Although they were relatively simple dishes, it was an enjoyable meal because we find them really tasty.. let me elaborate..

Bittergourd with pork: too many pieces of meat but i can't help it but agree that it is really soft and not 'siap' at all. With the soft and non- bitter bittergourd, it was a perfect combination. The dark black bean sauce was not too salty and just nice enough to make me slurp up all the sauceeeee!

Fried Promfret fillet: This was quite disappointing as i feel that for those few pieces of fish at $28 is seriously not worth it although some might argue that it is a good fish but still.. If the portion was bigger.. The flesh was chewy and sweet. But there were too many pieces with bones and this might scare those who dare not/ not skillful in eating fish with bones!

Claypot stewed cabbage with mushrooms: this has always been my all time favourite chinese dish whenever i dine in a chinese restaurant. And it just so happened that most of those i frequent have this dish too! Some might think it's like only old people will like it because it is soft and easy to swallow. BUT I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH TOO! Especially when there's some sauce to go with rice too! For the one over here at Shinye, it was perfectly done too. I like the portion too! There were quite a lot of mushrooms too, good for mushroom lovers as well!( who will hate mushrooms????)

Fried oyster omellete: Since this restaurant was first based it taiwan, there will definitely have this dish. We thought the picture in the menu look quite tempting so we decided to give it a try hoping it won't be wet and sticky like we had in ShihLin. And it really turned out well. The omellete was well fried till the outer crust was crispy. The oysters were small, fresh and plump! Even for those who don't eat oysters you might begin to fell in love after eating this because it is really that good! Maybe you can say it taste like chicken... It is really quite chewable and not disgusting like some they sell in hawker centres. MUST TRY!
As for the mochi dessert, it was okay i guess, can tell that it is freshly taken out from a boiler and tossed in the peanut just before serving to us.
If the service had been better, i will be back for more soon!(:


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