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Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

Having eaten countless times at Ssikkek and 2D1N Korean BBQ alike.. My experience has been different each time, maybe because I have different meal buddies :)

2D1N - It is located in the midst of shops in Tanjong Pagar. They do not accept reservations so if you do not want disappointment, make sure you go early and write your name down outside the restaurant. There is always a young crowd waiting outside before it opens door for dinner. Restaurant is located upstairs so you will need to climb up a flight of steps. Do not be surprised when you see the small seating area. The buffet spread is also quite limited and do not serve cooked food. You might feel this place is a little too cramp especially when you go in a big group. Meat selections range from pork belly to sausages to beef slices. About 7-8 varieties for you to BBQ. Wrap in vegetables or accompany it with kimchi or cook some enoki!

Ssikkek- My recent favorite hangout place after a tiring day at work! I just went again yeste…

Gaia Korean BBQ Restaurant

Was wondering around Suntec City which is currently undergoing massive renovation and so we could not find the steamboat restaurant at the fountain which my friend wanted to introduce to us. Hence another of my friend suggested to eat Korean. I'm not a picky person, so anything so long as its edible and not beef I'm ok. It's like I can eat anywhere actually, very rarely does a place sells only beef.

We were famished and it was running late, so we just settled for this restaurant even though I know it is going to cost a bomb. I deserve a break at the end of a week right? ( it was a Friday :D)

So we ordered 4 dishes - BBQ pork belly ($20), kimchi stew hotpot ($40), stir fried vermicelli ( $20) and seafood pancake on hot plate ($20).

The vermicelli was a little disappointing as the noodles was a bit too chewy and doesn't have any plus points to make us go wow over it. Love the pancake and hotpot, being a very critical eater who always emphasize that food that meant to b…