Gaia Korean BBQ Restaurant

Was wondering around Suntec City which is currently undergoing massive renovation and so we could not find the steamboat restaurant at the fountain which my friend wanted to introduce to us. Hence another of my friend suggested to eat Korean. I'm not a picky person, so anything so long as its edible and not beef I'm ok. It's like I can eat anywhere actually, very rarely does a place sells only beef.

We were famished and it was running late, so we just settled for this restaurant even though I know it is going to cost a bomb. I deserve a break at the end of a week right? ( it was a Friday :D)

So we ordered 4 dishes - BBQ pork belly ($20), kimchi stew hotpot ($40), stir fried vermicelli ( $20) and seafood pancake on hot plate ($20).

The vermicelli was a little disappointing as the noodles was a bit too chewy and doesn't have any plus points to make us go wow over it. Love the pancake and hotpot, being a very critical eater who always emphasize that food that meant to be eaten cooked should be hot. So perhaps that's why I enjoy these two dishes most. The pancake was crispy unlike some other Korean restaurants which serve these seafood pancakes on normal plate and comes soggy sometimes. The stew was very spicy! And had lots of kimchi vegetables and gyoza that makes it very enjoyable especially on a cold rainy evening. The BBQ pork belly was ready BBQ-ed for us which saves us a lot of hassle actually and won't make us taste like we just came from a BBQ chalet.
It was quite tasty and we can ask for a refill for their lettuce and cucumbers to wrap the meat. That's how Koreans eat them right? :)

The bill came up to about $120. But it was a satisfying meal. It was not very crowded partly because its not cheap and probably also due to the location as its in a rather secluded corner. Most diners are Koreans who knows about this place and may be frequents. They serve Korean beer and Soju for those who would like their food with alcohol. Especially with their BBQ meats!

Kimchi Jiggae

BBQ PORK BELLY. Served with lots of Greens!!! :D

Stir fried glass noodles

Favourite Seafood Pancake served in Hotplate


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