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Verdict of the....Two Blur Guys

It isn't too hard to find Two Blur Guys as it is surrounded by Japanese restaurants at Level 1 of Orchid Hotel, so unfortunately or fortunately, it stood out.

Largely westerners or stranded lunch crowd who has no other places to go will be attracted to this little cafe. Went during lunch time with a friend who just got back from Aussie for the new year. It was totally empty at first but soon after we ordered our food, streams of crowd started entering the tiny restaurant, perhaps coz everywhere else was full.

Their menu is really limited in choices but there is definitely something for everyone and i really mean for everyone. Whether you are a vegan or a non-beef eater ( like me), you can have your burger and eat it too!

I got the Pulled Pork Burger which the waitress who took our orders recommended, while RJ got the Prime Beef Burger. Beef burgers never goes wrong it seems, all my beef-lover friends seldom ever complained that their beef dish taste horrible. Is it because it can …

Supper At Upper Thomson

Only know about Roti Prata House at Upper Thomson but not in a mood for Indian cuisine? Fret not and get ready to make one of the most difficult decisions in your daily life. What to eat???????

Situated at Upper Thomson Estate are some good food which you wouldn't want to miss. 
1. Meng Kitchen This non air-conned eating outlet is perpetually filled with people, sometimes you might even have to share a table. What's more?  IT IS OPENED 24 HOURS!!!  They have everything from Bak Chor Mee, Satay Beehoon to snacks like Thai Style Beancurd and Ngoh Hiang. For drinks, go for the aiyu jelly ( or like some calls it iced jelly) drink which is refreshing and thirst quenching. The bak chor mee with an extra dose of vinegar and special chilli sauce is really tasty, also order a bowl of the soup which is rich in flavour. Perfect supper place. Drive and park along the shop house. 
Location: 246B Upper Thomson Road Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Udders Ice Cream With competitor Salted Caramel bes…

The Coastal Settlement

Brunch places are getting so common these days. So what does The Coastal Settlement has to offer that is worth visiting? Located 200, Netheravon Road, it is not easily accessible without a car. Luckily we have J to give us a ride there on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Parking is valet and limited so i guess we were pretty lucky that day. We were ushered into the restaurant cum cafe by the friendly waiters and waitresses at TCS. I especially like the location of the cafe which is surrounded by greenery and a romantic garden/playground at the backyard. The interior dining area is dimly lit with vintage furniture, giving off a nostalgic atmosphere.

We sat at a table which was just nice for the 5 of us, leaving sufficient space for us to move our arms as we tucked into the wide spread of food we ordered for ourselves.

First up - the truffle fries was light and remained crispy throughout our meal. I like the fact that it was not too salty and greasy despite the robust truffle taste it has.