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绿一点 Greendot

I grew up loving my greens and vegetarian beehoon such as the homeground Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Little did I realize that greens can be anything more than just salads, stir fry vegetables or 斋儿. 
Only until I tried Greendot's bento sets four years ago.. Since then, my friend, also one of the founders of the eatery, has been giving more and more surprises to its fans. Me, being one of Greendot's loyal customer, is highly hopeful that one day, the business will grow... BIG. 
Checked out Greendot at Paya Lebar Square today and I must say, i never made any better decision than going there for the food. 
With my pretty girlfriend, we both love their food! 

Order your food from the counter and pay at the end of the counter. Bento sets can be taken right away and the rest will be served to you.  
See our hardworking boss at work, rare to see such hands on CEO? You will get to see him here! :) 
I like the whole look and feel as you step into the restaurant. You will be greeted by friendly…