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horrifying buffet experience

i was at cafebiz at trader's hotel for brunch last saturday.i love buffets you see, but always ended up eating too full until i'm so uncomfortable and feel like vomiting.. good thing about buffet is :
1) you get to eat your fill
2) there's a wide variety and you can eat all courses of a meal
3) nobody cares how much you eat
4) you can gain weight( in this case applies to me)
5) you feel great!

haha, i know its lame..but believe me, these are what i think, cant believe i'm only 15 right? let me continue on my cafebiz buffet experience, i think it has one of the best buffet spread i've tried since i was crazy over them, has a good one too..cafebiz's brunch currently has tropical fruits too, have to add another 3 bucks to the original 35, we did not give it a try as we thought the 35 bucks is more than enough for us to eat..they have salads, rojak, sandwiches, salmon sashimi, sushi,loklok(raw food for you to cook in steamboat), self cook laksa, porridge wit…