horrifying buffet experience

i was at cafebiz at trader's hotel for brunch last saturday.i love buffets you see, but always ended up eating too full until i'm so uncomfortable and feel like vomiting.. good thing about buffet is :
1) you get to eat your fill
2) there's a wide variety and you can eat all courses of a meal
3) nobody cares how much you eat
4) you can gain weight( in this case applies to me)
5) you feel great!

haha, i know its lame..but believe me, these are what i think, cant believe i'm only 15 right? let me continue on my cafebiz buffet experience, i think it has one of the best buffet spread i've tried since i was crazy over them,yup..marriott has a good one too..cafebiz's brunch currently has tropical fruits too, have to add another 3 bucks to the original 35, we did not give it a try as we thought the 35 bucks is more than enough for us to eat..they have salads, rojak, sandwiches, salmon sashimi, sushi,loklok(raw food for you to cook in steamboat), self cook laksa, porridge with condiments, dimsum, lamian, charsiew, duck, chinese and western hot dishes, waffle and crepe station, hot dessert, ice kacang, cakes, mousse, durian puffs and other local kuehs, ice creams etc...
we ate from 12 to about 4.30, end at 5 actually..we were the earliest to start, there's this woman sitting behind me, came after us a short while later..she came alone and eat alone..she is quite petite in size, plus skinny too. i saw her with HUGE plates of DUCK, PORK BELLIES, CHARSIEW, SANDWICHES, SALMON , 5 SCOOPS OF ICECREAM, CAKES PILED UP, FRIED NOODLES AND ALOT MORE OTHERS...she finished them up like a starved person, u will get scared when you actually see how much she eats. she will cook up about 10 sticks of prawns, beef, pork, chicken etc then she goes off to pile up huge plates with other food..she is really fast in grabbing her food and finishing them up..you may think she eats all the above only once, but NO, she takes them for twice, thrice, or even 4-5 time of each and everything..it is really scary to see her eat, she never stops munching..and she gulps down pots of hot water too..before we left, i still see 5 plates of food piled n front of her..

i'm just wondering...
1) why is she still so skinny?"
2) where have all the food gone?
3) did she vomit out and eat again cuz i'm quite sure i heard someone vomiting in the toilet..
4) something is not right with her...

she really amaze me with her appetite, i bet that is what you're thinking as you read right? she really make full use of the prize, more in fact, all the jap food and roast duck and seafood she consume definitely adds to more than 200 dollars..i wish i can eat that much..doesnt she feel uncomfortable or what? weird isnt it?..


survivorfreek said…
ooh okie i tink u mite have just witnessed a mia (bulimia) person in action during a binge in a buffet.

=s ugh, me just wish i can go to an icecream buffet and happily pruge after that!
lol said…
Hey I saw your comment on chubbyhubby's blog.
Do continue your blog! I understand your trouble with lack of readership, coz I had a food blog myself which I just deleted sometime ago after being frustrated with few reading it at all!

Don't worry if ur food isn't all gourmet and stuff. Just start somewhere, and eventually u'll find yourself glad that u had kept a journal on all that u have eaten and cooked, and see the progress u have made eventually! I really regretted deleting my blog, as there were really some great meals I had that I had written about (the best ever being at Au Jardin!!!)

Haha, I do enjoy restaurant food too. And I can understand the difficulties of eating there when ur young! I'm 19 myself, and can't really find anyone to dine out with me except my mum...;) But I guess I'm pretty lucky, as she is quite willing to spare some money for my "exploration in gastronomy", so we normally eat out at nice places say once or twice a week, whilst still being willing to fund my cooking adventufres!

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