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The Usual Place

Neighbourhood cafes sprawling all over Singapore are giving people a hard time deciding where to even start. For me, i am contented that i can take a 5-10 mins stroll down the streets of Jurong East Street 31 to get to nearest cafe - The Usual Place

This cafe stands out from the crowd in the midst of the wet market, coffee shops and supermarkets. I have to say, it can be easily missed given its humble-looking exterior, if not for my Google Maps leading me there.
The food, in the likes of the prices, are really delicious. We had four dishes accompanied with their lemon ginger mint tea and coffee..
1. Salted Egg Prawn Pasta (SGD 12.90)

It was not a difficult decision o make. I knew i wanted to have it the moment i see it on the menu, hence it was the first confirmed order. To my delight, it turns out to be a wise choice. The fat prawns are succulent and crunchy, drowned in the creamy salted egg sauce.
2. 1/2 Usual Wings
The fried wings caught me off guard as it was very well- executed w…