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House Dempsey

I never liked to eat at Dempsey if neither my friends nor I intends to drive there. But I guess Dempsey House's reviews made me changed my mind. 
Nearest train station would be Orchard Road and you will need to take a bus for sure. Assuming you made it there without much of a problem, there's a long walk uphill to where Dempsey House is located. Yes, one of the furthest eatery here in the heart of Dempsey.
They have a couple of menus to look at so do pick your dishes wisely. I was staring at the House Hi-Tea which is only available from 3-5.30pm on Thurs and Fri (I KNOW RIGHT!! How can they do that to me! Sobs) At just $30++/pax where you can savour on curry leave brownie! How awesome is that! Definitely going for that the next time I happen to be on leave on a weekday. 

Not withstanding that, we had the most creative fries ever. But that is coz there is no other place with Pumpkin Fries with Hazelnut, Paprika and Chilli Powder. My expectations was higher than that for this was h…


Cafes are a plenty along Telok Ayer but SPRMKT is some place not to be missed. It's clean-looking interior makes one feel welcoming and yearning to linger longer in this cafe after your meal. 
I was at SPRMKT to celebrate my first year of pole-ing with my first pole friend S. We have so much in common it is quite unbelievable, just that she eats lesser than me and is more hardworking than me when it comes to pole. I'm proud of her achievements ๐Ÿ˜Š
My order of the weekend brunch item - Salmon and Eggs ($16) was not fantastic but neither was it bad. I would have expected more given that the cafe has been one of the longer lasting ones around. Generally, they are short lived. The salmon seems as if it was defrosted frozen salmon. Not much effort there. Whilst the eggs could be more runny. Oh and that's crumpets on the side. Have not actually tried one before. Now I know, it's just muffin's cousin.

Second stomach called for dessert so I had to indulge in one. Plus, the sel…