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Wonder about Bukit Timah

vebtured to Bukit timah last saturday with mama and gugu

Yummilicious at Asia Grand Restaurant

Many of you out there should have seen Asia Grand's advertisement appearing quite often in the papers right? I went there last friday wit my family and some relatives from Hong Kong, gugu treat leh..We had a private room so quieter, then we ate and drank, so fun. The food were really good leh, we were served by the waitresses, do not have to help ourself, but we ordered too much i guess,haha.. Above is sea cucumber, each of us were served one plate each. It was very tender and the sauce was tasty too.
This is the seafood soup in a old cucumber. Isn't it huge? i had 4 bowls leh, after this i was already so full..but still ate all the way!
Hmm, you should know what is this right? It is the second round of duck after the duck skin, served in lettuce, so delicious, i love it a lot and i was the only person out of 9, to have 2 of them. Greedy pig yes?
We had a lot others of course, like steamed pa-tin fish with preserved olive veg and chili, Prawns, and fried glutinous rice. The ric…

Once again at New Park Hotel

ondeh nodeh,very nice lor, see the gula melaka?
corn-durian-banana prata..
Yes, we were back to New Park again, but this time round to a different place for our meal and with different people,haha. I went for hi-tea at Spice's Brasserie with mum yesterday. we ate throughout until 4pm! when the buffet closes, it was me who ate so much,mum stopped long before me because she said she couldn't eat so much.
I think the spread was just right, the ala-minute roti prata was my favourite, surprisingly, i normally hate this dish. What i like is that there was many choices of filling i can choose from to put in the prata. The first one i ordered was the roti salad, and the filling was like coleslaw, and it was so big, if one finish it, he would not be able to eat the rest of the food! The other 2 pratas i ordered came to me in such a huge portion as well, and you bet i cannot finish the whole thing and mum was too full to share with me. I had the chocolate and banana one, and the …

Worst year ahead..

Beginning of the year is already so tough, i can't believe how my rest of the days will lo0k like, don't even dare to DREAM about it!You know what? My first 3 days in school was like a torture camp? Just because of the Sec 1 Orientation, i had to stay back till 6+pm everyday except Fri when i had to stay until 9+..When i reach home, there s only time to eat, wash up and sleep...Luckily i spent my last holiDAY with gugu and mama too! we had lunch together at New Park Hotel's Hai Xiang Restaurant. They had Cantonese Ala-carte buffet with dimsum and other dishes too.
i took pictures as usual, and i am posting only those that looks nice and YUMMY!haha, because we ate too many so i cannot possibly post all. There were a few dishes that is one serve such as baked oyster, chilli crab, shark's fin soup and fried tilapia..I love the oyster, it is baked in a shell,there was cheese and egg i think over some minced meat and chopped oyster,it was very good and i love it at the first…


This is my 1st post of 2007!Congrats to me for successfully having a serious blog.
I spent the day laggig at home the whole day. Surfing net, chatting, eating, blogging, watching tv etc..Vowed to finish my holiday homework but only did like 2, 3 pitiful question?Ya..Had a stupid quarrel with my stupid sister over a stupid minor thing. Damn, i hate her, well, she seems to hate me too, so fair enough..Let's not talk about her..
Wanted mum to cook but she lazy bum, so we went downstairs have dinner lorhs..This was what we had..Sambal stingray..quite a big one rite? I think they ought to add more onions..
it was served with cincalok

we also ordered a sambal ladyfingers, it was fried with ikan bilis too, that's why $5. And the portion was like for 1 person, i could have finished it..Mum and i woofed down all our rice cuz the dishes accompanied so well with white rice, hoo, so full...Tomorrow i'm going for a nice lunch, will update you all alrights?hehe..