Yummilicious at Asia Grand Restaurant

Many of you out there should have seen Asia Grand's advertisement appearing quite often in the papers right? I went there last friday wit my family and some relatives from Hong Kong, gugu treat leh..We had a private room so quieter, then we ate and drank, so fun. The food were really good leh, we were served by the waitresses, do not have to help ourself, but we ordered too much i guess,haha.. Above is sea cucumber, each of us were served one plate each. It was very tender and the sauce was tasty too.
This is the seafood soup in a old cucumber. Isn't it huge? i had 4 bowls leh, after this i was already so full..but still ate all the way!
Hmm, you should know what is this right? It is the second round of duck after the duck skin, served in lettuce, so delicious, i love it a lot and i was the only person out of 9, to have 2 of them. Greedy pig yes?
We had a lot others of course, like steamed pa-tin fish with preserved olive veg and chili, Prawns, and fried glutinous rice. The rice was very aromatic, the 'lup cheong' was bu



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