Worst year ahead..

Beginning of the year is already so tough, i can't believe how my rest of the days will lo0k like, don't even dare to DREAM about it!You know what? My first 3 days in school was like a torture camp? Just because of the Sec 1 Orientation, i had to stay back till 6+pm everyday except Fri when i had to stay until 9+..When i reach home, there s only time to eat, wash up and sleep...Luckily i spent my last holiDAY with gugu and mama too! we had lunch together at New Park Hotel's Hai Xiang Restaurant. They had Cantonese Ala-carte buffet with dimsum and other dishes too.
i took pictures as usual, and i am posting only those that looks nice and YUMMY!haha, because we ate too many so i cannot possibly post all. There were a few dishes that is one serve such as baked oyster, chilli crab, shark's fin soup and fried tilapia..I love the oyster, it is baked in a shell,there was cheese and egg i think over some minced meat and chopped oyster,it was very good and i love it at the first bite. We also had dim sum, and one of it whch i had never tried before was this fried dough with bits of bacon and sesame seeds, it was quite oily but i like it because it is very aromatic and tasty too. Then, we had the fried yam ring with diced pork, one of our favourite dish but their version wasn't good enough, maybe because the yam does not taste like yam at all and there was too much flour.
As usual, i had a go at all the desserts they have. My lifelong favourite, sesame in glutinous rice with peanut coating, is something i will never miss no matter how bad it taste,haha..i had 3 balls by the way. And there is this unique durian in snowskin, sounds lie mooncake? i expected the filling to be fully durian pulp but actually most of it was cream, so i d not really like i, but the snowskin is soft and chewy though.
Well, some of the dishes i ordered was not served to us which makes me very angry, because some are my favourite mah..Anyway, i still enjoyed the buffet overall, it was quite worth it as we have 20% discount for UOB cardholders, so take note! I shall go again when they change the menu,hehe..


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