This is my 1st post of 2007!Congrats to me for successfully having a serious blog.
I spent the day laggig at home the whole day. Surfing net, chatting, eating, blogging, watching tv etc..Vowed to finish my holiday homework but only did like 2, 3 pitiful question?Ya..Had a stupid quarrel with my stupid sister over a stupid minor thing. Damn, i hate her, well, she seems to hate me too, so fair enough..Let's not talk about her..
Wanted mum to cook but she lazy bum, so we went downstairs have dinner lorhs..This was what we had..Sambal stingray..quite a big one rite? I think they ought to add more onions..
it was served with cincalok

we also ordered a sambal ladyfingers, it was fried with ikan bilis too, that's why $5. And the portion was like for 1 person, i could have finished it..Mum and i woofed down all our rice cuz the dishes accompanied so well with white rice, hoo, so full...

Tomorrow i'm going for a nice lunch, will update you all alrights?hehe..


survivorfreek said…
hey bren, hope everything going ok! =) can't wait 2 hear from ya!

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