Once again at New Park Hotel

ondeh nodeh,very nice lor, see the gula melaka?
corn-durian-banana prata..
Yes, we were back to New Park again, but this time round to a different place for our meal and with different people,haha. I went for hi-tea at Spice's Brasserie with mum yesterday. we ate throughout until 4pm! when the buffet closes, it was me who ate so much,mum stopped long before me because she said she couldn't eat so much.
I think the spread was just right, the ala-minute roti prata was my favourite, surprisingly, i normally hate this dish. What i like is that there was many choices of filling i can choose from to put in the prata. The first one i ordered was the roti salad, and the filling was like coleslaw, and it was so big, if one finish it, he would not be able to eat the rest of the food! The other 2 pratas i ordered came to me in such a huge portion as well, and you bet i cannot finish the whole thing and mum was too full to share with me. I had the chocolate and banana one, and the durian-corn-banana one.I really like them alot as the prata was crispy and the filling was hot.
Other dishes at the buffet were dimsum, steamed and deep fried kind, the soon kueh was not bad. Then the desserts were all very fresh, i can tell because all the nonya kuehs were very soft, none of the skins were hard. I also tried the green bean soup, pulot hitam and ice-cream+ ice kacang which i put in a lot of ingredients,hehe.. Since the buffet time was so long, i can eat repeat of certain dishes even! Oh, did i mention that we were served chinese tea from the start, very good right? I believe we were the 1st to come and last to leave.hehe..


Anonymous said…
the chinese tea is to help you wash down all the food tat u hv eaten, silly gal! Hehe..hv a great year ahead! Cheers!!!

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