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Four Seasons - The London Duck

I still do not get why a chinese roast duck dish is now known as the London roast duck. Curiously got the better of me and I decided to try out the Four Seasons, opened only this year at Capitol Piazza. 
We sat down at lunch time, with only one other table occupied in the unusually quiet Chinese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Capitol Piazza. Eager to try their infamous roast duck, we ordered half a duck ($22 for a portion suitable for 2; $36 for half; $68 for whole). This is what we got for half (see below). Well-marinated deboned duck meat layered with succulent crispy skin and sweet sauce was heavenly. The whiff of the strong aroma of spices-infused duck makes one cannot wait to taste the legendary dish. Trust me, I am not exaggerating abit on the tempting smell when the dish is served on your table. 
Another winning dish is the mixed vegetables with enoki mushrooms with dried scallops in claypot. The picture does not do the dish justice but with great honesty, I must say it w…

French Patisserie - Angelina in Singapore

Capitol Piazza seems like a new favourite for foodies, comprising of hot restaurants including Dazzling Cafe from Taiwan and Angelina from France. In this post, I will be sharing my gastronomic experience at Angelina!!! 
They have breakfast menu which last till 11.30am (it opens at 10am). A brunch menu which last tills 2.30pm. And the others available from 11.30am onwards. The brunch menu is part served on a mini tiered-tray similar to a tea-time set. Pretty cute I feel. 

First up, the old- fashioned hot chocolate "L'Africain" is seriously, last warning. The rich and smooth hot chocolate is served in a mini pitcher and a small, elegant cup. This is almost like a dessert on its own, better than a chocolate cake or ice cream. But definitely not for the faint-hearted given the richness in every drop of hot chocolate. There is whipped cream for you to mix in which thickens the drink and makes it creamier. It is up to you to apportion the chocolate and the whip to your liking. …

Peach Blossoms

Located within Marina Mandarin is our Peach Blossoms restaurant. Since we stayed here, we decided to give it a try having heard good reviews about their famous dim sum buffet. 
Spending our Christmas dinner here was no regrets. Although it means all credit card promotions are no applicable, the meal was still a memorable one. 
First up, pumpkin purée with seafood in mini pumpkin. I have always been a fan of pumpkin dishes, thus my order was no surprise. The purée is flavorful and filled with seafood stock and fresh chunks of prawns. Definitely the best pumpkin soup I had so far. 

How about some fried salmon skin with salted egg yolk? The skin is thinly sliced and fried till the optimum crispiness and generously coated with salted egg yolk. We found this a very appetizing dish and was even tempted to get their deep fried soft shell crab with salted egg yolk. 

Third dish is the claypot stewed fish maw with roast pork and beancurd. There was generous portions of fish maw and roasted pork. Th…

Greendot @ One Raffles Place

I never fail to write about Greendot's every new branch/ outlet. Why? 
Reasons are simple. First, the food is fabulous. Second, service is commendable. Third, queue is totally worth it. Forth, you might not have tried it. Fifth, there's now a new dessert chain. Sixth, they are getting popularrrrr! 
There's more than that but I shall not reveal too much as yet. Anyway, opening at One Raffles Place is like a dream come true for so many of us Greendot fans. Whether is it lunch or dinner, you can still be able to satisfy yourself by eating clean. 
Located on the 3rd floor of the mall, it is not easy to miss it. Occupying the units beside the Korean restaurant, Greendot and Smoothiehouse outshines by having warm smiles from their waiters and waitresses to welcome you. 
Queues have started to form even though it is just less than two months into the opening. While Smoothiehouse has just opened last week, the publicity from famous bloggers would probably have caught your attention as…