Peach Blossoms

Located within Marina Mandarin is our Peach Blossoms restaurant. Since we stayed here, we decided to give it a try having heard good reviews about their famous dim sum buffet. 

Spending our Christmas dinner here was no regrets. Although it means all credit card promotions are no applicable, the meal was still a memorable one. 

First up, pumpkin purée with seafood in mini pumpkin. I have always been a fan of pumpkin dishes, thus my order was no surprise. The purée is flavorful and filled with seafood stock and fresh chunks of prawns. Definitely the best pumpkin soup I had so far. 

How about some fried salmon skin with salted egg yolk? The skin is thinly sliced and fried till the optimum crispiness and generously coated with salted egg yolk. We found this a very appetizing dish and was even tempted to get their deep fried soft shell crab with salted egg yolk. 

Third dish is the claypot stewed fish maw with roast pork and beancurd. There was generous portions of fish maw and roasted pork. The beancurd is really smooth and melts the moment you put in your mouth. Fish maw is fresh and cooked to perfection, unlike some fish maw dishes which can be a bit off taste of not handled with care. 

The wasabi mayo prawn is their specialty.  Topped with fish roe and plentiful of wasabi mayo, the prawns are very crunchy and you can hardly taste the layer of tempura surrounding the prawns. No doubt a compulsory dish to order during your visit here. 

Black beans spareribs with bitterguord was our second claypot dish. The bitterguord is not a tad bitter whilst the ribs was tender and tasty. Although I feel they can have fleshier spareribs as the few pieces I had were more bones than meat.  

Prawns swimming in 'wat dan' hor fun anyone? The smooth rice noodles had tinge of smoky flavours from the wok hei which is an important criteria I feel of what makes a good hor fun :) so glad we ordered this for our finale despite being full already. Here again, each prawn was so fresh, I think they really master their prawn dishes very well. 

These lemon juice were provided complimentary for all diners to cleanse and help to promote digestion. A nice gesture which I always hope to have.  

All in all, our meal was enjoyable with impeccable service from the friendly and attentive waiters. Given about $50 per pax for a meal, I believe all will expect some gorgeous standards with the food. 

I will be back, but for the dim sum buffet! 


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