Greendot @ One Raffles Place

never fail to write about Greendot's every new branch/ outlet. Why? 

Reasons are simple. First, the food is fabulous. Second, service is commendable. Third, queue is totally worth it. Forth, you might not have tried it. Fifth, there's now a new dessert chain. Sixth, they are getting popularrrrr! 

There's more than that but I shall not reveal too much as yet. Anyway, opening at One Raffles Place is like a dream come true for so many of us Greendot fans. Whether is it lunch or dinner, you can still be able to satisfy yourself by eating clean. 

Located on the 3rd floor of the mall, it is not easy to miss it. Occupying the units beside the Korean restaurant, Greendot and Smoothiehouse outshines by having warm smiles from their waiters and waitresses to welcome you. 

Queues have started to form even though it is just less than two months into the opening. While Smoothiehouse has just opened last week, the publicity from famous bloggers would probably have caught your attention as well. Being a famous dessert chain in Taiwan, the standard would have to stay as good as well. Staffs are sent abroad to be trained by the skillful Taiwanese on how to make the perfect snow shaved ice looks tasty. 

Ice are bought in from Taiwan, yes, they flew to Singapore by plane. Best of all, the ice are all flavored which makes the ice desserts readily tasty. There are altogether 6 types to choose from with Mango with panna cotta being the speciality. What is a panna cotta? It is a curd made from vanilla that tops on each ice. 

After all these description, let's look at some of the gorgeous food at Greendot.

Handmade noodles laksa is one of my favourite. The thick and flavorful gravy loaded with mushrooms and konnyaku will make any non vegetarians change their mind.

With such handsome bosses, how can you resist not trying their specialty - mango milk ice with panna cotta! They have other flavours as mentioned earlier so do go down for their one for one (whilst stocks last!)

Their herbal soup is filled with such goodness, one will never be able to realize it's vegetarian afterall! Loaded with  various bean-made ingredients, it is such comfort food for the working crowd.

Caifan? Yes, but it's way better than the ones you can get from golden shoe vegetarian stall ( i never said that xD ) 

For the bento ($7.90), you get to choose two veg and one 'meat'. There are three types of rice for you to choose from - white rice, sesame rice or brown rice. And for the meat, there's cereal konnyaku, sweet and soya nugget, gong bao mushroom, lion mane mushroom rendang (my all time favourite!!!!!). Try this if you're a curry lover because it's really solid! You get a soup of the day to go along as well.. How wholesome can a meal get? You might think these aren't satisfying enough but for all you know (or don't know), they get you really full without feeling too bloated or guilty. 


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