Four Seasons - The London Duck

I still do not get why a chinese roast duck dish is now known as the London roast duck. Curiously got the better of me and I decided to try out the Four Seasons, opened only this year at Capitol Piazza. 

We sat down at lunch time, with only one other table occupied in the unusually quiet Chinese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Capitol Piazza. Eager to try their infamous roast duck, we ordered half a duck ($22 for a portion suitable for 2; $36 for half; $68 for whole). This is what we got for half (see below). Well-marinated deboned duck meat layered with succulent crispy skin and sweet sauce was heavenly. The whiff of the strong aroma of spices-infused duck makes one cannot wait to taste the legendary dish. Trust me, I am not exaggerating abit on the tempting smell when the dish is served on your table. 

Another winning dish is the mixed vegetables with enoki mushrooms with dried scallops in claypot. The picture does not do the dish justice but with great honesty, I must say it will be a love especially for vegetable or mushroom lovers. Greens like brocolli and xiao bai cai together with black fungus and bamboo shoots are stir fried with mixed mushrooms in scallop stock to create the  healthy and non-guilty combination.  

Last but not least, the lotus leaf fried rice was so delicious it did not let us down a bit. I was supposed to be on diet but every bite of the rice makes me crave for more, my plan fails right there and then. Fried with plentiful of green peas, beaten eggs and diced king prawns, it was a pleasurable main to have. This is not the usual lotus fried rice you have in other Chinese restaurants. You can really taste the golden beads of rice bursting with wok hei. $28 for one portion which is good for 2-3 person can fill you up with much satisfaction. 

Wash your food down with hot chrysanthemum tea without sugar or oolong tea (they only have two options). 

Our meal was $127 in all. It is quite pricey but worth a try especially if you are as curious as I was before I tried The London Duck. 


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