Tendon Kohaku's 2nd outlet!

Ever since I chanced upon Tendon Hokaku (even though I've read so much about it before that plus all the instagram spams on my wall) at its 1st outlet at Suntec, been missing it. Just that the queue can be quite a pain especially during the peak hours. So there's also peak periods for dining nowadays! 

It's opening at Circular Road last week has caused such a hype especially amongst the working crowd in the area. CBD IS HAPPENING TOO! 


Quickly, the queue has formed with longer queue times as the days go by. I went on a Wednesday at 1pm and the waiting time was 15 mins, better than I expected. Then on Thursday, it became 40 mins. I'm not sure how long it'll be in the days to come. But if you all agree with me, the perpetual queue is a good sign too! 


The cosy outlet has about 6-7 tables and some counter seats so I reckon it can hold up to 20 pax at each time. Menu is a standard 4 types: Seafood, chicken and mixed vegetables tendon (spicy or non-spicy) at $15 while the Vegetables tendon (spicy or non-spicy) is $14. The former is really substantial for one person as it comes with a big piece of chicken breast tempura, 2 prawn tempuras, squid, crab meat and the rest are vegetables. I love the vegetables too especially the mushroom and baby corn where the sweetness were very well retained. The layer of batter was light and crispy making it easy on the palate. Every piece was worth savouring. Mine was the spicy version, the fact that I love spicy so it wasn't too much for me. Though I must say it is quite a kick 😅. Even added a bit of the chilli powder which is on each table over my tendon. The sweet spicy sauce drizzled evenly over the tempuras and into the bed of fluffy rice beneath is fragrant, I couldn't bear to leave a grain behind. I am extremely delighted and satiated with the wholesome bowl of goodness that I was already planning my next visit right after. Locating opposite my office is probably one important factor. 


If the tendon is not enough, opt for an additional bowl of soupy udon at just $4.50! I've heard good things about it but couldn't stomach it. Maybe if I've a friend to share this with the next time round, I'd give this a go. 

Accompanying my meal was the pickled radish on each table for diners to eat it with your rice. It is a great appetiser to have as it is slightly spicy and sour because of its citron bits. 

Iced green tea happened to be going at one for one during this opening period. Lucky us. 

Highly recommended but but but, Suntec outlet does it better. I shall leave it to you to find out! 

Tendon Kohaku Boat Quay
64 Circular Road #01-01 Singapore 049418
Opening hours: 11.30am - 4.00pm, 5.00pm - 10.00pm (Mon- Fri), Closed on Sat and Sun


Anonymous said…
Let me be the first to comment. I'm so proud of u. Very good blog and the eateries should also grateful to your recommendation. well done.

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