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FRY Bistro

Some of you might have known some facts about this eatery but i shall share in brief here as well lest you are curious.

Opened by FLY Entertainment's founder Irene Ang (also a famous actress on our local TV scene, commonly known as Rosy from Phua Chu Kang)Located in the heart of Ann Siang Hill, Club Street.A hotspot where you may catch celebrities, expats and executives chilling after a day at work.Irene Ang's mother is the head chef here. Check with them what is the daily special. Be warned of the spice used in the food here. Not the usual western chilli you expect.  Having read a news article recently which led us to decide on this dinner venue, we made a reservation as we thought it will be crowded on a Friday evening. Luckily we did not arrived at 5.30pm because it was not until almost 7pm when people starts streaming to the rooftop seating area. Apparently there is an indoor dining place but we only found out at the end of our meal. The open-air concept was cosy and conviv…

WALA WALA @ Holland Village

Everytime i go to Holland Village, i enjoy strolling down the slope and enjoying the view of angmohs drinking at the restaurants and bars on both sides. But seldom do i have a chance to actually do the same. This time, i went with an intention to chill at one of the pubs/bars whichever you call it.
Wala Wala has been around for a long time, ever since i was in JC? Or even earlier than that. Honestly, when i was in AC, i never visited Holland V, clearly not attuned to the culture. And i only started to have a taste when i started going to uni. A late-bloomer-in-the-hipster-scene. The number of cafes and hang out places here has also increased over the years, you can find cuisine of various ethnicities and bars catered for different types of customers. Ok, enough of story telling. Shall move on to the main points that brought all of you to this blog :)

It was happy hour (till 9pm) and applies to most beers, wines and some liquors. Those in red (below picture) are the discounte…

Tung Lok Signatures

The second visit recently was for lunch. I remember dining at Tung Lok Signatures (Vivocity) a few years back for dinner and it was quite a delight. This time was no different, we had a hard time choosing our dishes from the wide variety in the menu. Luckily, there was dim sum so we only ordered 3 main dishes.

We always try to go for dishes which are either the restaurant's specialty or one which we have never tried before. The Eggplant with Kurobuta Pork in Black Bean sauce was surprisingly a huge portion. The eggplant was nicely displayed on the circumference with the tender pork, edamame and some black beans topped in the center. The sauce was tantalising indeed and we had to order some white rice to go with it. It was a little salty but i guess since it is black bean sauce, it is only normal for the dish to be slightly on the salty side. I will still recommend this dish because the overall dish was fabulous. The eggplant used were fresh and really soft. For those who …