Tung Lok Signatures

The second visit recently was for lunch. I remember dining at Tung Lok Signatures (Vivocity) a few years back for dinner and it was quite a delight. This time was no different, we had a hard time choosing our dishes from the wide variety in the menu. Luckily, there was dim sum so we only ordered 3 main dishes.


We always try to go for dishes which are either the restaurant's specialty or one which we have never tried before. The Eggplant with Kurobuta Pork in Black Bean sauce was surprisingly a huge portion. The eggplant was nicely displayed on the circumference with the tender pork, edamame and some black beans topped in the center. The sauce was tantalising indeed and we had to order some white rice to go with it. It was a little salty but i guess since it is black bean sauce, it is only normal for the dish to be slightly on the salty side. I will still recommend this dish because the overall dish was fabulous. The eggplant used were fresh and really soft. For those who dislike eggplant, you might fall in love with it the moment you tuck into this dish.
Eggplant with Kurobuta Pork in Black Bean Sauce
The Liu Sha Bao (Custard bun) is pan fried and served first. To my surprise, the egg yolk creamed filling was very flowy yet maintained its powdery texture. I have had many liu sha baos in my life and i must say, this is surely one of the best i have ever had. The bun was not too dry and the filling was generous such that every bite is flavoured with the custard.
Pan-fried Custard Bun with Creamy Salted Egg Yolk ($4.50)
The flowy egg yolk *slurps*
Have you ever tried Wu Gor (Deep fried yam croquetles with prawns) served with a whole prawn? It surely came as a nice surprise. Although the balls are pretty petite in size, the flavourful dim sum has much to offer than just the size of it.

Deep Fried Yam Croquetle with Prawns ($6.00)
We were introduced the roasted spring chicken which came with some sliced vinegared ginger. The skin was not fatty and is light and crispy, almost like a suckling pig's skin. The meat was tender at all parts of the chicken and the marinate was soaked right through the meat, leaving is tasty without any sauces.

Had the chilled black sesame puree with walnut ice cream and it's surprisingly very tantalizing. As I've never had my black sesame chilled before, I had a spoon licking good time with the puree. It was full bodied with black sesame and you can tell its made fresh from black sesame seeds with little artificial ingredients. Also, the walnut ice cream has chunks of walnuts in there. What a pleasant end to my meal :)
Chilled Black Sesame Puree with Walnut Ice Cream ($6 per portion)


Once again its hard for me to decide on this. But if I must say, the baked seafood fried rice in lotus leaf although fragrant, lacks a bit of punch. There were visible chunks of prawns and scallops and not to forget the edamame which was a highlight. It is not too salty and the rice grains were well cooked. The only downside will be a lack of taste which can be further improved with power ingredients such as salted fish or dried sole fish. However, I will still highly recommend this dish for the carbs lovers.

The dim sum of steamed chicken claw and deep fried prawn rolls with turnips and cheese are quite average. The chicken claws is cooked slightly different than those in dim sum outlets, as it has X.O sauce on top of he black bean sauce used. A little salty for my liking but definitely a winning dish amongst the chicken claws I have tried in so many places. The prawn roll could do better with a bit of crisp and I couldn't taste any cheese in it.
Steamed chicken claw with X.O Sauce ($4.20)
It is obvious why the lunch crowd at Tunglok Signatures was so overwhelming even though the price here is pretty steep.
Chilled garlic cucumber for a start (i have no idea how much their tidbit costs)
Service here is fast and polite. Some of them are really attentive to our needs which made our dining experience a relaxing one indeed.

We spent a total of $130 in total which I thought was alright given the quantity we had.

Tunglok Signatures
Vivocity #01- 57
Tel no: 6376 9555


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