FRY Bistro

Some of you might have known some facts about this eatery but i shall share in brief here as well lest you are curious.

  1. Opened by FLY Entertainment's founder Irene Ang (also a famous actress on our local TV scene, commonly known as Rosy from Phua Chu Kang)
  2. Located in the heart of Ann Siang Hill, Club Street.
  3. A hotspot where you may catch celebrities, expats and executives chilling after a day at work.
  4. Irene Ang's mother is the head chef here. Check with them what is the daily special. 
  5. Be warned of the spice used in the food here. Not the usual western chilli you expect. 

Having read a news article recently which led us to decide on this dinner venue, we made a reservation as we thought it will be crowded on a Friday evening. Luckily we did not arrived at 5.30pm because it was not until almost 7pm when people starts streaming to the rooftop seating area. Apparently there is an indoor dining place but we only found out at the end of our meal. The open-air concept was cosy and convival, suitable for all ages (like i brought my 76 year old grandmother there).

We all know the weather is humid and hot this season, but being above ground level means the air here is fresher and you get lucky instances of natural wind blowing. 


I was excited to try several things on their menu as the names sounds appetizing on their own. Visuals are not available here but rest assured of the quality of the food served at FRY.
Mac N Cheese with mash

We had the Mac N Cheese which has several flavours and i chose the chilli crab Mac N Cheese ($20) as we thought it is unique to have a fusion of local taste in a western dish. Indeed, it is pretty spicy and nicely baked in a casserole. We chose the mash to go with it. The mash had chunks of potatoes with minimal cheese and butter taste which makes it less 'jelat'. You can also choose to have salad or baked beans as the sides. 
Auntie Ang's Wings
The Auntie Ang's Wings ($16) had a local feel to it as well, reminds me of Har Cheong Kai served at tze char stalls but at the same time, less oily as less flour was used here. The homemade chilli was really the winner of the night. We had several servings of it because it went well with all the food we ordered. The wings were finger licking good. 

Truffle Fries
We wanted to top up the side for our Quesadillas to truffle fries and so they did, but the chef accidentally gave us a normal portion. The shoestring fries was a light snack to go with our beer. I had a great time shoving the fries into my mouth. Even my grandma got addicted to it after a while.


Like i have always emphasized, it is hard to dig out some of the dishes for this category. Therefore, i will suggest some room for improvement if i can :)
/chorizo Sausage Quesadillas
The Chorizo Sausage Quesadilla ($18) was served in two Quesadila. Wrapped with cheese and sausage and a little salsa sauce. I thought some pickles, guacamole or lettuce could be added for more crunch. It was quite flat and i expected the portion to be a bit bigger. 
Chef Special
We also requested for the Chef Special which was similar to the day before - Fried Beehoon ($12). It is pretty unique with popcorn chicken and taukwa with mixed vegetables. The beehoon was a little too minced and not warm enough. But the overall rating is brought up because of the chilli sauce. YUMZ...

They forgotten our order of Luncheon Meat Fries ($14, no pic as it is too blurry) but i was excited to try it. It came in a casserole as well and topped with baked beans and a poached egg. Not sure how this should be eaten, but i had the whole poached egg before it spills all over the fries. The luncheon meat were cut in huge elongated chunks and deep fried. It was a disappointment because the combination does not seem to blend well together and was quite tasteless except the original sodium in the luncheon meat. Perhaps some sauerkraut and mash would give it a better finishing.

We had the Great White Jug ($32 during happy hour as there was 20% off). Check this place out on a Wednesday as they have Bingo! Should be going there soon for this! :)

FRY Bistro offers everything at nett prices so you can stay within your budget (if you do have one) without having to recalculate it against the 17% extra charges. It would be nice to go at the end of the year since the rooftop dining is a preferred choice especially if you enjoy the scenic view and fresher air.
You might have a hard time finding the location as it is above another cafe called Belle. Just look out for No. 98 and you should be on the right way to FRY!!!

FRY Bistro
Club Street @ Ann Siang Hill
No. 96B Level 4
Contact No: 8418 5995


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