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Dumpling Festival!(not yet..)

hihihi..mama made dumplings earlier this year as she will be buzy next few weeks.So, i'm there to help her when she needs me!I will always be there for her,hehe, sounds like drama.
Anyways, there is alot of preperation work and she definitely cannot cope all by herself. We started cooking the meat cut them, chopped the garlic, onions, we work like crazy.
The next day, early in the morning and mama was up and ready to start. She make sure everything is hygienic. To the extent that she boils the coconut leaves and brush them clean. Then, we proceeded fry the glutinous rice,adding garlic and oil to make it fragrant.(i'm eating the dumpling right now!)not bad leh...
Next is to fry the filling. mama use pork lard oil so as to make it more fragrant. We added onions to fry till aromatic,then add mushrooms,chicken, chestnut,winter melon, pepper, fried coriander powder, soya sauce, salt..And fry and fry till evenly tossed and cooked..
hmm..smells so good already! Then it was time …

Cafe Brio's- A wonderful smorgasboard(a new word learnt today:))

Now..It's finally the June Holidays, but nothin' to be happy about or excite with. Luckily, i have the pleasure of coming to stay with gugu and mama for a couple of days;good enough cuz i get to eatttttttttt!
First meal was the most splendid of all! We were at the lobby of Waterfront Corpthones hotel, fidgeting..And finally,the much awaited time had come,we were ushered to our seats we had booked much much earlier.Guess what?we were told that it was so fully booked that there would be 2 seatings, which means we had only 2 and a half hours to finish up everything i we had intended to eat, terrible right?
I walked around the buffet table once then grabbed a plate and started my binging!
First up was the Japanese section, i had 3 types of sashimi followed by 2 sushi.
Then i went on to the cooked food section, there were so many and they all looked so tempting! I was so excited when i saw the pumpkins atopped the lamp chops, i quickly took my share,in case it will be snatched up the …