Cafe Brio's- A wonderful smorgasboard(a new word learnt today:))

Now..It's finally the June Holidays, but nothin' to be happy about or excite with. Luckily, i have the pleasure of coming to stay with gugu and mama for a couple of days;good enough cuz i get to eatttttttttt!
First meal was the most splendid of all! We were at the lobby of Waterfront Corpthones hotel, fidgeting..And finally,the much awaited time had come,we were ushered to our seats we had booked much much earlier.Guess what?we were told that it was so fully booked that there would be 2 seatings, which means we had only 2 and a half hours to finish up everything i we had intended to eat, terrible right?
I walked around the buffet table once then grabbed a plate and started my binging!
First up was the Japanese section, i had 3 types of sashimi followed by 2 sushi.
Then i went on to the cooked food section, there were so many and they all looked so tempting! I was so excited when i saw the pumpkins atopped the lamp chops, i quickly took my share,in case it will be snatched up the next time i go. They were goood indeeed:)
The soups that night was old cucumber soup and cream of mushroom and they were both very piping hot and yummy. Former was a healing tonic and the latter a western craze. Oh my, the variety of breads were very worth the carbs. They were still very fresh,for example the mutigrain with pumpkins on top was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, just what i Love!
The pasta section was not very fantastic i find, gugu tried and gave me some,the pastas are those with fillings only,so for those who love to slurp up their spaghetti will be a little disappointed.
However, the mee rebus was not that bad, with a tinge of lime, the whole thing will be rather worth to try.
The dessert section is not to miss, definitely for a sweets lover like me!
Wow,i tell you, the muah chee was soooo chewy and delicious!i had 4 servings! the most i had eaten in my entire life,haha. Mann, it was really good. I love to cut up the still-hot muah chee and toss the teeny pieces in the sugar and peanut mixture thoroughly then gobble up everything fast. You will definitely get a shock when you seee me eating at a buffet, i wil look so ungirly and rough,keke.
The others such as nonya kueh, strawberry cheesecake, coffee cake and pecan tart were pretty good too.(i tried every single one!) The fruits were not bad, i had too much lychee and pineapple until my mouth hurts and ulcer started emerging.[warning to those who love pineapples, i know they aids digestion but NEVER NEVER eat toooo much]. I did not miss the usual chocolate fountain, there were cakes and strawberries etc, and i go everything, i simply love the chocolate,it makes me high!
AFter the buffet, we strolled to Great World City to buy corn muffins and cinammon buns. I was greatly disappointed when i found out that the Cinammon Tree has clossed down, guess not many people knows how to appreciate its goodness. We had to wait for Kenny Roger' muffins fo 20 minutes and in the end they were only willing to sell us 4!i was quite angry but who has a choice?they are so popular..
took a taxi home, we waited for half an hr! only a few people in front but who comes shopping at that hour?and the taxi drivers want to earn more by picking up calls so as to earn more right?


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