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So who says school's food is boring? Bruce Lee Hong Kong Cafe newly opened just 1 week ago has attracted both students and outsiders to patron with eagerness to try out new dishes.

The long list of menu does not fail to give diners enough choices to experiment each time they are there. Personally, i've gone there twice. The price is reasonable, ranging from $5-$10 for main course, $2-$5 for their dim sums and snacks while the wide variety of drinks are about $2-$5 depending on what you order.

On my first trip, i ordered the curry chicken cutlet hot stone rice. The portion was just nice and it came with a stalk of Caixin, onions, green capsican and half a hard boiled egg, which made it look really yummy! The rice was nicely cooked but the downside was that the curry gravy could have been stronger and the chicken was a tad dry. If these are improved, i'll strongly recommend the hot stone series because you can choose from a wide range of toppings. I had the sour plum juice …