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Chir Chir Outlets

Chir Chir (otherwise known as Chi-ru Chi-ru) is presently located in three places evenly spread across the tiny island of Singapore: Bedok Point, 313@Somerset and finally Chinatown Point
If you are a fan of the Korean fried chicken craze, then surely you would not want to give this a miss! One unique thing about Chir Chir is their utensils. I forgot to take a picture of them because I was too busy chatting with colleagues and did not think of blogging about it but this is so good I need to share with everybody!! They have special 'kiap kiap' so that you will not dirty your hands even though you're eating the greasy fried chicken. However, I still personally prefer putting my fingers in action. Food somehow tastes better... 
Tuck your face into the signature Nest Snow and you will be so glad you came upon this dish. Placed beautifully on a bed of creamy sauce and served on a hot plate, the tower of sizable chicken tenders are one of the best you can ever find (at least here i…

Feast away in Johor Bahru - Special Ed for KSL City

Spending the new year in JB is my first time. I was looking forward to a time of feasting and resting. Having been overseas (well further than just across the causeway) for the past 6-7 years, this is surely a downgrade for us.  
Taking the KTM train from woodlands checkpoint was a different experience from the usual causeway link buses or cars which often gets into our nerves when stuck in the jams. There are 7 trips in a day and cost 5SGD to get from SG to JB sentral. Return trip costs only 5RM! It is no surprise that the trip there is filled with Singaporeans on new year eve. I was lucky my aunt booked in advance since the train was filled and my friend told me it was fully booked everyday till 3 Jan. The ride was about 5 minutes but the greater thing is that you do not have to queue at the crowded customs because they have special customs in air con walkways for train passengers.
Surely a selfie is a must on the virgin ride! 
We took S1 from the bus stop at City square to KSL city di…