Chir Chir Outlets

Chir Chir (otherwise known as Chi-ru Chi-ru) is presently located in three places evenly spread across the tiny island of Singapore: Bedok Point, 313@Somerset and finally Chinatown Point

If you are a fan of the Korean fried chicken craze, then surely you would not want to give this a miss! One unique thing about Chir Chir is their utensils. I forgot to take a picture of them because I was too busy chatting with colleagues and did not think of blogging about it but this is so good I need to share with everybody!! They have special 'kiap kiap' so that you will not dirty your hands even though you're eating the greasy fried chicken. However, I still personally prefer putting my fingers in action. Food somehow tastes better... 

Tuck your face into the signature Nest Snow and you will be so glad you came upon this dish. Placed beautifully on a bed of creamy sauce and served on a hot plate, the tower of sizable chicken tenders are one of the best you can ever find (at least here in Singapore). The chicken tenders are marinated with slightly spiced batter which gives it enough oomph and yet, not giving you stomach upset thereafter. You will be surprised with the potato mash below the chicken tenders, it is freshly made with noticeable chunks of potato. It's just a lovely combination altogether, whoever designed this dish must be a great artist too! 

Craving for some carbs? Try the Chir Chir Mi Chir. Ultimately similar to the Nest Snow, but added pasta and mozzarella cheese for an extra kick. We really are cheese and cream lovers (and maybe Cajun chicken too?). 

Not spicy enough? Get the spicy wings to spice up your meal even more! Their very own spicy marinate was surely a winner amongst the dishes we had ordered. Not only was it spicy enough, but it was definitely lip-smackingly good! The sweet potato chunks and tteobokki that were lightly fried and tossed with the spicy sauce were not just complements to the wings but also a highlight to the cook's great culinary ideas. Reason why I'd be back for more? SPICY WINGS!  

Last but not least, which was also literally what we chose last as we were afraid three main dishes were not sufficient for 6 normal-sized girls - Garlic Roasted Chicken. Have you ever eaten a grilled hard boiled egg before? If not, this is where you can taste one. We were wondering what it was.. Some secret dish wrapped up in aluminum and placed on the hot plate along with baked potato with cream cheese, some salsa and of course the Garlicky Chicken! I believe this was a whole chicken, and it meant each of us had about 3/4 of a chicken each by the end of the meal. My verdict? The fragrance from the fried diced garlic was well infused into every inch of the chicken parts. It was amazing how tender the breast meat were, they were bursting with garlic scent in every bite you take. I am not joking. Even though we were all very full, we made sure the chicken were taken care of by our tummies. Back to the egg, it was slightly grilled towards the end of our meal so you can taste the smokiness within the egg. Skillful indeed, I would love to try doing this at home too! 

There are many other dishes that I wished I had tried. Things like the Chir Chir Mac and Cheese and the drinks! Cream Beer and Tik Toks for you? Maybe next time for me but I'd surely go back for more. And maybe I'd order less chicken and more sides... Hahaha.. 


The bill is divided nicely according to each person's share and ours came up to $25 per pax exactly. Given that we did not have any drinks and it was lunch, it's considered pretty expensive. But what is more important is that we enjoyed our meal and had fun! 

Find Chir Chir at the following locations! 
1. Chinatown Point, #01-43 
2. 313@Somerset, #B3-04/05/06 
3. Bedok Point, #02-05/06


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