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Malacca 3D2N 吃什么

'My first trip to malacca eat what ah?'

If you're like me, who hasn't been here in ages or are traveling here for the first time, you might find this pretty useful :)
Going Malacca for nonya food is a typical reason why you're going there. Be it a weekend trip or a longer holiday, there is surely plenty of food to keep you occupied. 
I'd just share some of which I ate during my latest trips here.  
Nonya food wise, I tried two restaurants. Makko Restaurant is located diagonally across Hatten Hotel. Take a stroll down the shop houses on the right and you should see it. Red painted windows and walls will draw you towards it. They do take reservations on the spot itself. You can go in earlier, write down your name and hang around while waiting for their call. 

Below are some of the food which i find worth ordering here. The petai is fragrant and goes well with rice yet not too spicy. Nothing here is very spicy though. They are more of a mix of sweet, sour and spicy. …