Malacca 3D2N 吃什么

'My first trip to malacca eat what ah?'

If you're like me, who hasn't been here in ages or are traveling here for the first time, you might find this pretty useful :)

Going Malacca for nonya food is a typical reason why you're going there. Be it a weekend trip or a longer holiday, there is surely plenty of food to keep you occupied. 

I'd just share some of which I ate during my latest trips here.  

Nonya food wise, I tried two restaurants. Makko Restaurant is located diagonally across Hatten Hotel. Take a stroll down the shop houses on the right and you should see it. Red painted windows and walls will draw you towards it. They do take reservations on the spot itself. You can go in earlier, write down your name and hang around while waiting for their call. 

Below are some of the food which i find worth ordering here. The petai is fragrant and goes well with rice yet not too spicy. Nothing here is very spicy though. They are more of a mix of sweet, sour and spicy. Love the otak because it is freshly made and filled with fish fillet. The prawn with pineapple in assam gravy is delish as the prawns are big and fresh whilst the gravy is very lemak indeed. The chendol is average though so i would not recommend unless you have a dying crave for it. 
Sambal Petai
Otak Otak
Ngoh Hiang
Udang Lemak Pedas
The other nonya restaurant which i tried i tried and prefers is Amy Heritage restaurant. It is not far away from Hatten Hotel, just behind actually and reservation is strongly advisable to avoid disappointment. We booked a day before and true enough, it was almost full. Ordered ayam ponteh (RM13), masak lemak veg (RM14), ikan chilli garam (RM30) and udang lemak nenas (RM24), sambal chilli (RM2), cincaluk (RM2), barli & lime (RM2) and chendol (RM2.80). Typically, peranakan food is lightly spiced. Even the sambal is not competition to my grandma's! My favourite dish here would have to be the Titik Lemak which has mixed vegetables in coconut milk curry. The vegetables are cooked right through in the tasty curry gravy. Oh and the sambal fish fillet was yummy too! The fillets are crispy on the outside and soft and naturally sweet inside. With a dope of sambal sauce, fabulous. The chendol was plain but slightly better than Makko's. Just nice in terms of sweetness but nothing compared to Jonker88.  

We have all heard about Jonker88 so it seems like a trip to Malacca comes along with their famous chendol. We saw them scoop the gooey and extremely thick gula melaka like it is melted on the spot. I had so much hopes for it and indeed, it did make my heart melt.

And the menu at Jonker88... We see that many people are also there for their curry noodles and fishcake dishes. But it was too crowded that we could not get a table. Therefore, we only had the item that we travelled there for.

And here it is, the top chendol in Malacca. I wonder what goes into the gula melaka but i can say that it really makes a lot of difference as to the quality of the gula melaka, prime. The shaved ice was slightly less fine in texture or else it will really be perfect. A great deal when the weather there is terribly hot!

Nadeje is located at Mahkota Parade which makes it so convenient if you happen to stay around this area. We were informed that the queue can get really crazy so being there on time helps a lot. We tookaway as we had a lunch reservation to run to. Bought the double chocolate, mango yoghurt and finally.. the lemon cheese. My first attempt for Mille Crepe, supposedly a very popular dessert in Japan although it is a french dish. It basically means many layers of crepe stacked atop each other to create a whole cake. I love the lemon cheese the most. Light cream cheese with a tinge of the sourness from lemon juice. If you dislike having too much cream on your desserts, you will love this. Even the mango yoghurt feels so healthy with every mouth. Double chocolate flavour has its own uniqueness too. Chocolate chips are stuffed within the layers to add crunch. Each slice is RM11.90 and you have to consume within the very day itself to get the best out of it. 

We found this hidden treasure at Pahlawan Megamall's basement. Yes, it is in Malacca, not Thailand. But because it looks good and the weather calls for something cooling, i decided to give in to my cravings. Nuts about coconuts, that's me. Sangkaya offers a variety of coconut dishes such as smoothie and ice cream in coconut husk which is what i got. 4 scoops of coconut ice cream or thai milk tea ice cream (or both) topped with 3 toppings of choice which is self service. I took all 6 toppings to produce what you see at the bottom.

Coconut and Milk Tea Ice Cream with kidney beans, cornflakes, coconut flakes, peanut bits, corn...

Restaurant Tong Sheng is a popular seafood restaurant otherwise known as tzechar to Singaporeans. We went there on a Saturday evening at around 7 and was turned down or rather turned off because of the long queue and rude attitude of the ladyboss. Did not give up and made a second trip on a Sunday night around 9.30pm because we know it closes late. It was rather empty so we could have gotten a table easily but decided to takeaway back to the hotel to eat slowly in the air con and comfort.

Bought the following delicacies...

(Although like none of them is supposed to be their specialty. They are famous for cheese prawn meehoon and buttered crab etc.. )

Which we did not fancy much and so we just went ahead to order what we felt like eating and would prefer. The black pepper crab (RM128 for two) was pretty good. Grandma said the crabs are fresh which makes the meat easier to peel off from the hard shell. I found it very tasty as it was cooked with lots of garlic and onions. Finger licking good despite being a much drier version of chilli crab.

The seafood fried rice was average but fairly fragrant. There was mini shrimps in there but that was it. My love would be the hokkien mee. I could taste the pork lards in them.. Oooo so good. And the slices of pork and cabbage which went so well in the savoury black soya sauce. I really wonder how they could cook it so much better than the local tzechar stalls attempting to sell this dish as well. A must eat if you do not mind the calories. It is totally worth it.


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