WALA WALA @ Holland Village

Everytime i go to Holland Village, i enjoy strolling down the slope and enjoying the view of angmohs drinking at the restaurants and bars on both sides. But seldom do i have a chance to actually do the same. This time, i went with an intention to chill at one of the pubs/bars whichever you call it.

Wala Wala has been around for a long time, ever since i was in JC? Or even earlier than that. Honestly, when i was in AC, i never visited Holland V, clearly not attuned to the culture. And i only started to have a taste when i started going to uni. A late-bloomer-in-the-hipster-scene. The number of cafes and hang out places here has also increased over the years, you can find cuisine of various ethnicities and bars catered for different types of customers. Ok, enough of story telling. Shall move on to the main points that brought all of you to this blog :)


It was happy hour (till 9pm) and applies to most beers, wines and some liquors. Those in red (below picture) are the discounted prices. Prices here are nett (no service charge and g.s.t) hence we decided to get a bottle of red wine (Apaltag Merlot, $54) with no happy hour discount. The Chile wine is surprisingly very pleasant. It has a strong grape taste and is tart and crisp, making us feel elegant drinking them.


We checked in with the staffs to find out what's good to go with their red wine and they gave pretty decent recommendations.

The curly potato wedges was a fusion of curly fries and potato wedges. It was thicker like the chunky fries cut with a twist. Served piping hot, it is a must to order for the carb lovers. Portion is quite huge so you might want to share and order more food!
Curly potato wedges ($7)
We were told the grilled squid is nicer than the fried calamari and so we ordered that. Although i am not a big fan of squid, i thought it was well marinated and cooked thoroughly to ensure that it turns out scrumptious. Some tomatoes and 2 slices of lime are provided to add some zest to the dish. If i have yet to convince you that the squid was tasty, the fact that it was soaked in olive oil, parsley and teriyaki sauce will probably spice things up a little?
Grilled squid with olive oil, parsley and teriyaki sauce ($12)


I am easily intrigued by unique food names that appear on the menus. At Wala Wala, alcohol inspired food items are quite prevalent. We had the Kronenbourg Blanc battered soft shell crab served with Thai chilli sauce and chilli padi came freshly deep fried. It was a mouthwatering snack to go with drinks. However, the downside would be the lack of the beer which was supposed to be an ingredient used for the batter as well as the dripping oil pieces of soft shell crab. If they had soaked up some oil, i believe this will surely be my favourite for the night. It goes perfectly well with the Thai chilli sauce though.
Kronenbourg Blanc infused soft shell crab ($12)
Caeser salad was called in to make us feel less guilty conscious for all the sinfulness. Bacon bits and tiny crouton cubes topped off the crisp and fresh greens used. The portion was a little small whilst the bacon can do better if it was more cooked to give it some crunch.
Caeser Salad ($10)
Finally, the deep fried Wala chicken wings (6 pieces) was a bit disappointing. It was fried thoroughly till golden brown and served hot. However, the meat was tough and had not much taste. Unless it was due to us being a bit full already, this snack can be done away with.
Deep fried Chicken Wings ($13)
There are so many other snacks which i would like to try though! I will be back! Besides the prices being nett, the service here will provide you with an un-stressful chillout time. Live band starts around 7.30pm and crowd begins at around 7pm as well.
Live band
Prices here are reasonable and given the quality of the food, it is worth trying. Happy hour seems like a good deal for the budget diners :)

Wala Wala
Holland Village
31 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277689
Contact: 6462 4288 


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