House Dempsey

I never liked to eat at Dempsey if neither my friends nor I intends to drive there. But I guess Dempsey House's reviews made me changed my mind. 

Nearest train station would be Orchard Road and you will need to take a bus for sure. Assuming you made it there without much of a problem, there's a long walk uphill to where Dempsey House is located. Yes, one of the furthest eatery here in the heart of Dempsey.

They have a couple of menus to look at so do pick your dishes wisely. I was staring at the House Hi-Tea which is only available from 3-5.30pm on Thurs and Fri (I KNOW RIGHT!! How can they do that to me! Sobs) At just $30++/pax where you can savour on curry leave brownie! How awesome is that! Definitely going for that the next time I happen to be on leave on a weekday. 

Not withstanding that, we had the most creative fries ever. But that is coz there is no other place with Pumpkin Fries with Hazelnut, Paprika and Chilli Powder. My expectations was higher than that for this was highly rated. However, the pumpkin was so mushy and disappear immediately once you put into your mouth. I can hardly find one whole piece of pumpkin, there were more crumbs than pumpkin. They could have been more generous by cutting the pumpkin into bigger and chunkier pieces to bring the dish to the next level. Since it is still one of my favourite veg, I shall not brag about it too much. 

We decided to go adventurous with the Squid Ink Skinny Pizza. I know I know... It's not advisable to have that with friends but true friends would go all out with you when it comes to food, isn't it? So let's be honest, we love our squid ink 😊 My first skinny pizza turns out fine. It was loaded with prawns, squid as well as crunchy raw onion rings and rockets. Skinny is not exaggeration, the crust and pizza base were real thin and I like it that way so you will not feel full right after the first slice. Pizza is all about eating the whole damn thing right? It did stain my mouth every time I bite but I guess it was worthwhile. 

On to the Crabby Omelette coz what's brunch without EGGS? Yes, what you see below is none other than crabby eggs, not pancake although it does resemble a cake. Why do I care? Taste is more important than what it looks anyway. I was most attracted to the hot pan actually, just kidding. But have you actually had eggs on hot pan other than at zhichar stalls? NO! The addition of purple sweet potato and garlic croutons on the omelette also made me realise that anything goes well with eggs so long as you believe. 

I will be back. 

Dempsey House is located at 8D Dempsey Road. Take a flight of stairs down and you'd be there. It opens 12-11pm daily but closes between lunch and dinner on weekends. Maybe they should consider opening throughout on weekends! 


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