The Coastal Settlement

Brunch places are getting so common these days. So what does The Coastal Settlement has to offer that is worth visiting? Located 200, Netheravon Road, it is not easily accessible without a car. Luckily we have J to give us a ride there on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Parking is valet and limited so i guess we were pretty lucky that day. We were ushered into the restaurant cum cafe by the friendly waiters and waitresses at TCS. I especially like the location of the cafe which is surrounded by greenery and a romantic garden/playground at the backyard. The interior dining area is dimly lit with vintage furniture, giving off a nostalgic atmosphere.

We sat at a table which was just nice for the 5 of us, leaving sufficient space for us to move our arms as we tucked into the wide spread of food we ordered for ourselves.

First up - the truffle fries was light and remained crispy throughout our meal. I like the fact that it was not too salty and greasy despite the robust truffle taste it has.
Truffle Fries ( 15 SGD)
What's brunch without Eggs Ben right? As usual, we had some main courses to share: TCS Eggs Benedict, The Settlement's Big Breakfast, Truffle Eggs & Mushrooms, and a half-half pizza which we got wagyu beef & mushrooms as well as turkey & cranberry.

My favourite was the Truffle Eggs & Mushrooms because i love the sauteed mushrooms and the scrambled egg was amazing. I like it slightly well done and not too watery, so TCS' met my expectations just right.
Truffle Eggs & Mushrooms ( 24 SGD)
The pizza crust was thing and crispy. Lovely for girls who're carb- conscious, you won't have to worry about the extra fats in the crust. I heard the wagyu beef was fabulous. Imagine huge chunks of well-marinated and juicy beef on top of some mushrooms on top of caramelised onions... The turkey was average and we felt that the cranberry sauce was not sufficient.

Half -Half Pizza ( 25 SGD)
The Settlement's Big Breakfast is perfect for a hungry man. They have everything ranging from bacon to turkey to sauteed wild mushrooms and roasted pumpkin salad. It was nice to share amongst the 5 of us and we could each get our mouths on different items. You get to choose the type of eggs too and we had scrambled, the best decision ever made.
TCS Big Breakfast ( 24 SGD)
I like the english muffin used for the Eggs Ben. There's asparagus creamed spinach, honey baked ham and crispy bacon together with somemore caramelised onnion and meselun salad on the sides. The yolk in the poached eggs did not ooze out everywhere as we might have imagined so we could still split the 2 eggs pretty evenly ( check out the video! )
TCS Eggs Benedict ( 23 SGD)

Feast for 5 :DDD
There are quite a lot of unique drinks here. You can either have a go at some old school drinks or there are also trendy beverages like milkshakes for the sweet tooth. I had chocolate mint milkshake which was really thick and minty! Another bonus is getting your hands on some candied cookies for free near the entrance! They are packed in cute plastic pouches, look out for it! :D

We spent about $30 each which was really worth it, taking into account the portion of food and the time we spent chilling at the backyard!


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