Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

Having eaten countless times at Ssikkek and 2D1N Korean BBQ alike.. My experience has been different each time, maybe because I have different meal buddies :)

2D1N - It is located in the midst of shops in Tanjong Pagar. They do not accept reservations so if you do not want disappointment, make sure you go early and write your name down outside the restaurant. There is always a young crowd waiting outside before it opens door for dinner. Restaurant is located upstairs so you will need to climb up a flight of steps. Do not be surprised when you see the small seating area. The buffet spread is also quite limited and do not serve cooked food. You might feel this place is a little too cramp especially when you go in a big group. Meat selections range from pork belly to sausages to beef slices. About 7-8 varieties for you to BBQ. Wrap in vegetables or accompany it with kimchi or cook some enoki!

Ssikkek- My recent favorite hangout place after a tiring day at work! I just went again yesterday. This place accepts reservation though they will not purposely hold a fable for you but will allow you to skip the queue ( most of the time there's queues for dinner ). For me, I'll always book to avoid having to queue for too long.

Choices are more over here. There's also sotong, prawns and many cooked food and soup. I love their sweet potato dish which is very sweet, I suspect it's the sauce they use, in fact it's very appetizing.
The tables are near but at least we can move around with ease and its also to accommodate the large number of diners at any one time. To date, I've gone there around 6 times and had a great experience each time! I realized their standard has improved in terms of choices and the quality too! Over here, there's lime juice and rose syrup drunk on top of the sweet dessert drink. If you're in a mood for beer or soju with your meal, they serve them too at additional cost. Korean ice creams are sold at $1 each and I've tried it once because the 사장님 was very nice to treat me and my friend.

Overall, I feel that it is worth coming here if you're in for a carnivorous meal. Eat all you can at $25 after tax and gst.


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