Weekend Trip To Genting

I have been to Genting too many times in my life, but this is the first time i am blogging about what to eat there, because i feel you, it can be a headache.

Genting Themepark is closed till 2014 so for those who wants some peace from the usual gigantic kids playground, you may want to go before USS opens. Following that, we thought there would be less queuing at food places, but we were wrong. 

Let's begin with Fastfood choices. 

Given Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, MarryBrown, which one will you choose? If you are smart like me, Marrybrown has got to be your ideal choice. For Breakfast, they serve porridge , ayam soup noodles, nasi lemak and some burgers with hashbrown. They are supposed to be 24 hours, just like every other fast food, so you are guarantee food at wee hours of the night.
Porridge @ Marrybrown
Nasi Lemak @ Marrybrown
The porridge is flavourful and served hot. Add some pepper for some spice if you prefer it to be pepperish. There are small chunks of chicken in there which was well seasoned and tasty. The Nasi Lemak comes with some ikan bilis and peanuts, an egg and a piece of fried ayam. Honestly, i feel that the condiments are not the main part of the dish but rather how pungent the rice is and how spicy the chilli is. If you agree with me, their Nasi Lemak will be rated 6.5/10. Some chilli can be too sweet but this was just nice and i like the grainy rice that does not stick together in lumps. 

There are so many restaurants here but which is worth eating at is another thing.

Genting Palace Restaurant is located at Level 2 of Genting Highlands hotel. Their lunch dim sum has a great variety and once every few months they have a change to their seasonal dim sum menu. If you are lucky, you may catch the durian flavoured ones. I like their Fried XO carrot cake, it's unlike the black or white fried carrot cake you eat at the hawkers in Singapore. I like the carrot cake in large chunks and fried with beansprouts, visible amount of egg and some chopped garlic and spring onion. You may also take your pick from their main menu which is available for both lunch and dinner. Highly recommended will be their Cod Fish in a sweet and sour spicy thai sauce. It is very tasty and goes so well with rice! The fish literally melts in your mouth. Only at Genting Palace Restaurant can you get 3 big pieces of cod fish at less than SG30. Another dish i would suggest is the Coffee Pork Ribs. The small portion has about 10 pieces, though a bit hard on the outside, they were meaty and well marinated. Service is prompt here as there are more waiters and waitresses than the number of tables. Definitely value for money!
Cod Fish @ Ming Ren
Pork Ribs @ Genting Palace
Without fail, we will go to the Ming Ren Restaurant (because my aunt and i love the Mala Lamb Hotpot. This dimly lit restaurant is famous for their lamb dishes such as lamb skewers. Besides their lamb specialties, they have a newly launched Dim Sum menu for lunch and many other Chinese dishes too. We love the long beans which was fried with plentiful of garlic and minced meat. Food here is unique and caters to different palates. Overall, this restaurant has one of the best service in Genting on top of the fabulous spread of Xinjiang cuisine. You might get pretty annoyed when the waitress come refilling your tea before you even drank half of it, they are that fast!

French Beans topped with fried silver fish @ Ming Ren 
Lamb Slices ready for Shabu Shabu @ Ming Ren
Fried XO Carrot Cake @ Ming Ren
Most of us might have frequent First World Resort more often than the rest and have also eaten at Ah Yat Abalone ( 阿一鲍鱼). It is on the Second Floor above the casino at First World. Don't be alarmed when you see the number of staffs standing around, that is like the norm in Genting. However, the food here is pretty average. Most people are here for the set meals which are quite worth it because of the exchange rate for us. We ordered the lemon chicken and claypot brinjal from the main course menu which was highly disappointing. The chicken was full of flour and the meat was almost unseen. The brinjal was average as it was a little too salty and overcooked. 

For some nightlife, chill out at the Patio Bar and Lounge. Located just outside First World Casino and only anyone eligible into the casino can enter. We went there twice in a row. We were too early to catch the live music which starts at 9.30pm and ends around 2am. Second time we were there was a Saturday and it was packed, but we could still get a table at a corner near the toilet but had a good view of the band. They have 4 types of snack on the food menu. We tried the Buffalo Wings for both nights and had the Potato Wedges on the first night. If you ask me, i would think the drinks are pretty cheap, we had 2 jugs of beer, 1 stout and a buffalo wings for about  < 200RM. For the soccer fans, they have one huge screen and a TV for you to catch your premier leagues live while gambling in Genting as well! The live band has one of the best music and you get to dedicate songs too, although they are non-chinese, mandarin songs are a no problem for them. I was excited two of my songs were sang! :D
Awesome chillout place@ The Patio Bar and Lounge
Buffalo Wings @ Patio Bar and Lounge
For some coffee, sandwiches or cakes, visit the Genting 'The Bakery'. It is on the same level at Ming Ren, Lobby Floor of Genting Grand. I can sit here for hours looking at my iPad, doing essay or studying for my exams without being disturbed. But of course, ordering something is a must. Free wifi is also available here. Highly recommended will be their sandwiches where you get to choose from a variety of bread types and fillings. It is not cheap though, for just the sandwich itself, it cost RM27.5. If you have points in your Genting Card, you get to deduct from the points which makes your meal free! I had the Hot chocolate ( or Double hot chocolate) which is served Chocolates and milk separately. So it gives you the autonomy to mix the chocolates into the steamed milk itself. If you prefer the very smooth chocolate milk then this is not for you. The cakes are decadent and has too many to choose from. I had the Chocolate Cake which was dense and not too sweet.
Tuna Sandwich in Muesli Bread @ The Bakery
Freshly baked pastry @ The Bakery
Also, there's Baskin Robbins where the Ice cream is almost half the price that of Singapore or Koong Woh Tong for herbal jelly to beat the cold weather and flu during this winter! :)

If you are stuck in the casino, go for the cafes inside where you can use your points for the meals. Their Roast meat rice and wanton noodles are not bad. Opened till late ( around 4am) and reopens at 5am...


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