The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

Do you ever feel like eating 'healthy' at times yet salads and fruits only diet are totally out of consideration?

There are so many vegetarian options these days it is almost impossible to say NO to giving it a try. 

Not only has vegetarian cuisine revolutionize over the years, fans of vegetarian food has also been expanding and gaining recognition from the younger population. 

Unlike Greendot, Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant is a casual dining concept serving Peranakan Thai food at its finest (and veggient). 

Mostly female diners, including ourselves were there on a Friday evening. I am guessing most of them are regulars who bring their friends there to try out the food. 

The restaurant hires all foreigners (shall not name which nationality) and they were not very friendly towards us. Maybe at the start when they were trying to push some expensive dishes to us. We did not budge and followed our preferences and what we read from reviews since it was our first visit.


Food were really tasty.. and my favourite goes to the Penang Rendang which was actually pan-fried mushrooms which taste too meaty to be mushrooms. The spices used were incredible. Every bite was succulent. You will sure to fall in love with it if you are a spice lover like myself. Good for carnivores too!

Penang Rendang ($18)
My next favourite would be the olive brown rice. Since it was a signature, we thought it will be a pity to skip the carbs but guess what? We ended up having 2 big portions of the rice! So it should be self-explanatory why we had ordered one more. It is not oily and very fragrant despite eating it on its own. I enjoy it even more because of the nutty grains of rice together with additional crunch from the pine nuts. 
Signature Olive Brown Rice ($7) 
Third would go to the Yam Treasure Ring!!! It is a healthy delicacy filled with wholesome ingredients such as lily bulbs, yam, cashews, celery, capsicum and king abalone mushrooms. Sounds 'yammy' already? Go down to Whole Earth and start indulging in their delectable vegetarian spread!


I would not say these are bad but i have to be fair...

The Oatmeal Tofu was slightly bland and i would very much prefer the oat to be fried a little bit more for it to be more crispy. A little bit of chilli padi was added for the taste and i thought it was quite an innovative dish for those who likes Oatmeal Prawns, this is surely a perfect healthy alternative. The tofu used was very soft and silky. 
Oatmeal Tofu with Curry Leaves ($15)  
Desserts are limited here but they appeal to me because of the ingredients used such as pumpkin. I had one all to myself which i regretted because it got a bit Jelat towards the end. The ice cream was nice though, whilst the black glutinous rice was not too sweet. Sago made the pumpkin puree really gooey. Would prefer if some chunks of pumpkin can be added.
Nonya Golden Pumpkin with Ice Cream ($6.5)
For drinks, we had calamansi because the weather has been so hot recently. It is quite sweet so we had to ask for ice. Relatively expensive.

Calamansi Juice ($4.5 per pax)
Overall, i will recommend my friends and family to explore Whole Earth if they have never tried vegetarian peranakan cuisine before. But i personally will not visit again unless i am going with vegetarian friends. Prices are a bit steep for a meat-less meal. Can be sinful if you order dishes like curry and fried food. 

Whole Earth Vegetarian
76 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079331
Reservations: 6323 3308


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