One of the most important thing we do when we're in a foreign country, whether or not we will be there for a day, a month or a year, is to try out the best foods around!

Having been in this beautiful cosmopolitan city for almost a month now, most of my cash goes to none other than FOOD! Some of my adventurous colleagues and i took a leap to go Mr & Mrs Bund last week when my boss wasn't around. We've heard so much about it we just can't miss it! We made a reservation just in case, it is a pretty hot spot for their executive set lunch. Reviews online plus the descriptions on the lunch menu already made us drool!!!

We arrived punctually to see several tables filled up but not as many as we had expected. The manager was very nice to sit us and even offered our bags a small chair as well! This is definitely the first, credits to their service! Again, we took a long while to decide what to have as there were changes to the dishes in the set lunch, apparently they removed some good ones! So i didn't order the dessert as i could not decide on one that i really want to have. ( Save on 50RMB). We were greeted with a light tuna mousse in a can with bread crisps and some freshly baked baguettes.
Tuna mousse in a tin with light thin bread crisps

I finally decided on the Foie Gras Light Crumble for appetiser and Duck Confit with Truffle Salad for main course. It took quite a long while to come and we munched on their bread with butter spread. Since it was free, we asked for a refill and they kindly refilled a second time!

My appetiser- Foie Gras Light Crumble
Arugula Truffle Salad - Friends' appetiser
The french manager was really friendly and kindly advised us what to order when we were in a dilemma. Furthermore, the waiters are attentive to our needs such as the top up of breads when it ran out!

Duck Confit with creamed sauce

Risotto  ( the cheese is so intense but she loves it)- perfect for cheese lovers

Beef Cheek Daube Nicoise with Mashed potato
Although the food came after a long time, we had a great lunch because i really enjoyed my appetiser and duck confit. The foie gras light crumble came with a over-done toasted rye bread, and the crumble on top of the foie gras was very crunchy which goes so well with the intense taste of the foie gras. The small bowl of it can be really filling if eaten with bread, and because of the robust taste, it was like a main course itself. The duck confit was good too, the meat was soft and well-baked on the outside to bring out a lightly crisp feeling. The truffle salad that comes with it was fantastic too! If we had more time, i will definitely savour it slowly, but because we had to rush our main course, there was less enjoyment.

Luckily i did not order a dessert because i was so full!! Little had i know that i would be so full from a high class executive business set lunch. But we were definitely very satisfied with our lunch, at least our stomachs are :D

Will definitely come back again with my aunt and grandma, maybe for their supper menu instead, when the view would be nicer too. 200RMB for 2-course and 250RMB for the 3-course.


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