Me,mama and gugu left home at early to get to Raffles City by bus to catch the Buffet Brunch @Prego at 11.30am. Although we have booked, we still want to get the freshest bite. We singaporeans are known to be so kiasu, there were already people eating when we reached there on time which means we are not that kiasu,hehe..most people would choose the $40 brunch because it is very worth it for the goodness of the spread lor..Couldn't decide what to eat at first look,so just took the very first dish i saw which was a starter of apricot with mackeral paste. I don't know if i was too hungry or it just tasted heavenly.Then i proceeded to the hot dishes and took pizza,vegetables, baked egg, fish etc..they were all average i guess, maybe because they were permanent dishes at a buffet table, but their pizzas were outstanding because Prego is good at them! i also had some salad and raw seafood, the prawns were great because theyare fresh and crunchy! the pastas station made me confused,so many choices, so i decided to try something new! white wine sauce one, very unique and i LOVe It!Forgot to mention the smoothie station, i had many cups of juices, from apple juice, to carrot and lemon juice, to strawberry milkshake. The service was quite prompt and friendly, the waiters kept the empty plates and cups quite quickly.The Dessert Station was always my favourite, i will try every single dessert without fail. Their rasberry cheesecake and chocolate cake were the best. I like te crunchy base in them. Their tiramisu was slightly under my expectation though..Again, i walked out feeling likely to puke..Haiz, that's that always the result after a buffet.After a super heavy meal, it's time for some walking! Gugu wanted to make use of her 20% voucher at Pop the central so we went there. It was quite crowded, i Jenga game was going on and i wanted to joint but gugu did not want to accompany me. Gugu very kindly bought me a digital english dictionary to help me improve my English so i can Ace my O-levels..I felt my heart break, do not want her to spend so much, she still buy me sme storybooks and assessment books. Cost her over $2oo! yet she is fine with it lor..i did not want to go home so early so we walked back to RAffles City shopping Centre, gugu needed to buy a photoframe for her boss so we went round to look for it. After some exercising, some food had digested and we were ready to eat MORE!hehe..i suggested t0 go Kuriya for their Tea-Special, a dessert and a drink for $5+++, quite worth it right? So we ordered a fruits and cream with soba crepe and a Anmitsu with ice cream which i changed to sesame ice cream for an additional $1 charge which gugu is most willing to pay for! i like japanese dessert a lot and i think Kuriya's stand out because theirs are healthy! they use soba flour to make the crepe!Sounds healthy to you?HAHA..Zzz..time to go home after a day of Eating!yummy..will upload the pictures sooooon...:)


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