HaPpY Ves@k Dae!!

happy vesak!

my family and i went hill climbing at Bukit Timah early this morning then we went opp of Old Tiong Market, a family there will cook and allow us to enter their house to pray..we go there every year..they have fried bee hoon, curry veg, lotus bun, lohan zai, and their popiah is very crispy and fresh..they wrap it on the spot..its best eaten piping hot to ensure its crispiness..i ate a lot..with tea..

my sis was weird this morning..ate like a mouse. although she complained during hill climbing that her stomach was grumbling..she finished a teeny bit of beehoon and said she was full..sometimes she can eat eat 2 plates,plus 3 popiah..anw, she says she's on a diet..she isn't very fat anyway..tall,thats why she's quite heavy..4get about her! eat with her always not fun de..tell u more next time..

soo..i did not take the photo on the food this morning..cant see it!

well,remembered i was saying on the previous post that i was going to have packed dinner,guess what was it?curry rice..soggy, disgusting, over oily curry rice..it wasn't even nice but had to finish the entire packet still,cuz as i am saying, thay want me to put on weight!!


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