Dumpling Festival

Ooh..dumpling feast is about to start right? Yes! I get to help Mama this year. It is very tiring and time consumng too, so without my help, it will be very tough for her. My dumplings are not as nice of course, but at least i helped right? :)

Grandma's secret dumpling recipe!
lean meat with some fats( cooked and cut into bits)
winter melon(small cubes)
mushrooms(small cubes)
dried prawns( grind)
lots of onion for fragrance( grind)
soy sauce
5 spice powder
yan sui zi
For rice:
glutinous rice(soaked 3 hrs at least)
1. fry onion in oil till fragrant, then add mushrooms, winter melon, chestnuts, and dried prawns.
2. Add soy sauce and lots of pepper, and continue stirring till frgrant and it is dark enough.
3. Pour in meat and coninue frying, adding soy sauce, 5 spice, pepper and yan sui zi.
4.when it is thoroughly cooked, remove into a bowl first.
5. For rice, fry garlic in oil, then pour in the rice.
6. Fry thoroughly till oily and look cooked.
For wrapping, use bamboo leaves of course, and for cooking, put a pandan leave into the boiling water.hope it will turn out okaY!


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