J's Restaurant

Purvis Street is turning into a place for dining for all occasions. My friend brought me to J's, whether it is a date or a gathering with old friends, the restaurant gave a casual yet cosy atmosphere.

J's is a halal certified restaurant serving a good range of Latin fusion food. We were warmly welcomed and sat by the friendly waitress while i was drooling at the sight of what others are eating.

What's GOOD?

Braised Lamb Shank ($33)

Lamb Shank 
I was really glad we chose this main course because it was the best lamb shank that i ever had! Even the one i had at PS Cafe is nowhere close. The lamb shank is cooked for many hours before laying on a bed of mash and vegetables. The end result? Juicy meat that fall apart from the bone at every stab of the fork. Delicate as a dandelion, the meat tasted with just the right amount of salt and pepper. The tomato sauce has a good balance of sweetness and sourness with a bed of mash to make the perfect match to the meat.

Poppers ($17)

Poppers with Salsa, Guacamole and Salad
Honestly, i was a bit skeptical about this Poppers until i cut open this mysterious and crab claw -like thingy. The surprise was a oozing melted cheese surrounding a whole jalepeno pepper. Definitely a first encounter with a whole jalepeno which made me so happy. Eat it with some of the guacamole and salsa for a different experience. Or eat it own its own. You do not want to miss this snack even if you aren't a jalepeno fan. The spice remains in the jalepeno so be wary!

What's OKAY?

This time i decided that, there is honestly nothing i dislike or not well done. So... i shall indicate the other two dishes which are less unique but still a joy to eat them.

Chicken Fajitas ($28)

Chicken Fajitas with Tortilla wraps
A common mexican dish, i love how we can arrange the chicken, onions and sauces all on a warmed tortilla to make a kebab/wrap if you would call it at Subway. Sizzling chunks of grilled chicken breasts are placed on a hotplate and sauteed with onions, cabbage, mushrooms and bell peppers (or capsicums). S and i were almost going to fight over the onions, luckily he admit defeat and i get to eat most of it XD

You can even have the chicken on its own, only that it might taste a little bland after a while. Although the sauces would come in handy when that happens. Not sure if the tortillas is refillable but they come in 5 pieces, up to you how the splitting is done!

Finally...  Churros with Bananas and Mangoes ($12)

Churros with Banana and Mango Saboyan 
Leave J's without trying the dessert and you might just start regretting. The desserts here do look tempting by just looking at the description. And i have done enough research to prove that their menu is not lying. We got the Churros because i had a huge craving for it. Besides, we were going to come back for the rest one day so i decided that we could just go with the 1st on the menu.

Ta Da!!! The churros was fried before freshly served on a wooden plate and a jar of salted caramel bananas and mangos in coconut infused mascarpone sabayon. Like the name says it, the fruits are hidden within the mascarpone, ending the meal with a good note.

J's is known for its non pork, non lard and non crustacean style menu which makes it suitable for muslims. Nevertheless, i would recommend it to my friends of any religion because of the delicious spread of food served.

Make reservations as the seating area is not that big. I will be back to try out the other foods which we also wanted to eat!

J's Restaurant
#01-01, 7 Purvis Street
T: 6887 4787


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