Korean BBQ Restaurant a.k.a Ssikkek BBQ

Many of you should have been to this or its SISTER BRANCH - 2D1N Soju Bang at Tanjong Pagar. Those who did not realise that they are opened by the same group, now you know. They serve the same varieties of meat but admittedly, 2D1N has much lesser overall types of food and drinks with a more crammed and smoky indoor sitting area. You either have to go at least 30 minutes before to queue or you will probably end up waiting for 2 hours for a table.

Prices are the same at $12+ for lunch, and $22+ for dinner.

Ssikkek at Novena Ville has shifted to United Square 101 Thomson Road, #B1-15/16/17 Singapore 307591 if you are wondering if it has closed down. 

Other outlets i have yet to go are as follows: 
1. #02-01, Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain Street
2. 10 Tampines Central 1, #04-22/24 Tampines 1
3. #01-01, Oriental Plaza, 291 New Bridge Road

Apparently, all the outlets differ in their types of cooked food. Some has sushi, gyoza, 3-4 types of soup, while the others might have sweet potato coated with sugar syrup and deep fried, Tteokbokki, seafood pancake et cetera. I have a feeling it depends on the chef and the menu could be different everyday in each outlet. I've been to Ssikkek for about 10 times and the spread has never been the same.  
What i enjoy about Ssikkek @ United Square, last Saturday being my first time since they moved, was the clean buffet table and the spacious seating area. As my friend was celebrating his birthday, we had the table in a private corner of the restaurant. So it's actually a pretty good choice for celebratory events ( besides wedding of course ), where the guests can eat as much as they like for a reasonable fixed price. Furthermore, there is no time limit to how long you would like to sit there, as the restaurant does not close after lunch.
Birthday Boy with his awesome friends, lovely girlfriend and mother :)

Ssikkek @ United Square uses the electricity-operated grill, unlike the battery-operated ones in other outlets and aluminium foil is no longer used. It is cleaner but the grill gets charred quite quickly and has to be changed once every set of meats are cooked. No oil is needed to cook the meats here, so it is advisable to cook the marinated and fatty meats to elicit the oil from them to cook the less fatty meats. Usually there will be no problem for those who do not know how to cook because it is quite dummy-friendly. 

Cooking in processing...
They have a table designed just for the vegetables, salads, fruits and dressings. Bottles of sesame oil can also be found here and you can choose to use it to cook the raw vegetables such as brinjal and potatoes or the all-time-favourite enoki mushrooms. Who doesn't like enokis??? I love it! It's like a healthy supplement to all the meats we eat. The enoki mushroom is fresh and quite well-cleaned. Usually you will see bits of the roots in some buffets but not at Ssikkek. 
First round: Mix of everything
There were about 5 types of drinks, sweet rice drink, mango/ lychee smoothie, pomegranate/ lime juice. I tried a little bit of each but my favourite remains the sweet rice drink. It is not too sweet but taste really good! Wonder why only Ssikkek has it though.... Plain water is free flow and you can take bottles of it from the counter at the entrance.

To be honest, if you have a good balance of the greens with your meat, it can be a healthy meal too. The only problem is that, you might binge and according to the law of diminishing utility, you will probably be too sick of the food at the end, thereby being dissatisfied with the meal. Hence, even at buffets, eat moderately :) 

Look out for Buffet Queen's 'Secrets To Eating Buffets' soon!


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