Cheap Chic Chix riCe

Tucked away at a corner stall in Clementi, this western stall has got something for all the chicken rice lovers out there!
Golden Rooster Stall 
I started patronising this stall since 2 years ago as it is located just a short bus ride from my school. For good food, it is definitely worth a trip down even if you are not staying within the vicinity. I have also seen other stalls around the island but am not sure if they are of equal standards as this. If you have been to any others, do let me know and i will give it a try as well!

As you can see from the picture above, they have about 20 dishes to offer! From BBQ chicken wings, to chicken cutlet to roasted chicken rice, you will be spoilt for choice! That being said, i have been a loyal customer purely for their chicken rice. Today i went and the price has gone up by 30cents! Not surprising though, the business still remains as good as ever. There was a short queue at lunch but the service was fast and i got my takeaways within a couple of minutes.

Check out the spread of chickens below!

Roasted or Fried? Up to you! 

My Half Roasted Chix Rice ( $5.30)
I forgot to take a picture of the chilli but its also one of the reasons why i love this so much. 1 packet is obviously not enough for myself. I had 3 packets and was still yearning for more :P Some say too much chilli will actually overwhelm the original taste of the food but i am pretty sure chilli-lovers must have some spice to compliment the parts of the chicken that are slightly more meaty - breast meat. However, Golden Rooster Chicken (otherwise known as Ke Ai Ji) cooked the marinated meat till they are tender and such that you can taste the sauce right into the bones of the chicken.

Served with coleslaw ( i hope its made by the owner itself ), adds a refreshing crunch to the carnivorous dish. I love how much chicken there is to eat with the chicken rice. Even with the gravy which they kindly ask each customer before adding, the grains remained grainy and not too soggy. Although i agree it is healthier without the gravy, i highly recommend it for a mouthwatering experience.

If you are opting to remove the skin of the chicken because 'EATING THE SKIN CLOGS MY BLOOD VESSELS', please consider giving it a try before you make a decision to ignore it completely. Some parts of the skin is a little more charred and actually not as oily as it seems. YUMMY ^^

Golden Rooster Chicken
Blk 450, Clementi Ave 3 #01-305 (Varinice), 120450 


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