The Fine Dining Experience @ PS.Café A.S.H Park

As we arrived at the cafe, we were awestruck by the romantic setting of the entrance surrounded by flora. The interior design was dark and intimate partly due to the teak and rust materials used for the walls and furniture. It is a 3-storey restaurant, the basement is where the bar ( food and drinks can be served if you do not mind the bar tables and high chairs), on to the second floor is the dining area ( more for a proper food and slightly casual), the top floor is what they call the 'Attic Lounge' with a balcony area if you wish to sit al-fresco. We were ushered to the 'Attic' where my girlfriend and i were seated down at a corner table next to the glass door overseeing the breathtaking view of the CBD skyline.

Nice classical music was playing at the background as we wowed through the food and dessert menu, having a hard time choosing our food from the tantalising spread. Desserts was a must and we decided to have two because it was impossible to settle on just one.

We were given 'plain' iced water. I am particularly going to mention this because it is actually NOT PLAIN WATER. Whole fruits like orange, apple and pear are actually poked and soaked in the plain water to let the nutrients infuse into the water. I do not know how effective this is but psychologically, it tasted very refreshing.

White Wine Marinated Whole Spring Chicken with 2 sides : Creamed spinach & Shoestring fries
The chicken was cut into half so it was perfect for two, especially when we are both clumsy eaters and do not want to struggle with splitting it in such a fine dining setting. The chicken was well-marinated with thyme, rosemary, garlic and a hint of paprika. The meat was tender, but we could not taste the white wine infused in it. Although the 2 accompaniments got us excited and i am quite sure we were the loudest group in the whole restaurant despite the lack of alcohol in our meal. The spinach was very creamy and had a tinge of garlic and cheese in it, while the shoestring fries could do better with a bit more crunch as it was a little soggy halfway through our meal.

Rating: 4/5
Price: $36
Banana Mango Crumble with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
Finally, it's time for me to announce the winner of the dinner! And it's a tie! They are none other than the Banana Mango Crumble and Sticky Date Pudding. Oooooooooooo! They were gorgeous! 

I almost cried at my first bite of the Banana Mango Crumble. The crust on top was a bomb. It is baked to perfection and every part of the crust was crumbly. Dust with some icing sugar, you have to eat this if you love your fruits or desserts. The filling had visible chunks of mango and banana ( I have kindly left out the photo of the inside unless you want to drool onto your laptop or phone right now). It is not too sweet and the Vanilla Ice Cream pairs well with the hot crumble. 

Rating: 5.5/5 ( YES I KNOW!)
Price: $14.9
Sticky Date Pudding topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toffee syrup
What can be better than a date with the famous PS. Cafe's warmed Sticky Date Pudding. It has real bits of sweet dates hidden in the cake itself, while the pudding sat in a pool of toffee. Together with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, every mouthful was a heaven. The portion is really big though, i got a bit 'jelat' towards the end. The pudding is moist but tasted a little like the Malay Cake( 马来糕).

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $14.9

I would really come back for more, especially the desserts, every one on the menu looks delicious. The kind and friendly waiters had to answer to our endless questions but still refilled our water every time the glass was half empty. I know it is weird to mention about the toilet but C insisted that i have to commend about it. The dimmed lights, a pot of dark red chrysanthemum beside the sink, and the sweet smelling hand wash is bound to make your 'business' a soothing experience.

Perfect for couples, dates, social gatherings, drinks... Well, almost all occasions.
PS. Cafe A.S.H Park
45 Ann Siang Road
Opened Mon- Sat: 12noon - 12mn


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