Brotzeit OR Brewerkz?

If you are wondering where to go for some German Beer and sausages, with a nice ambience for chilling out with your friends, here's your guide to helping you decide between the two popular places in Singapore.

I have been to Brotzeit several times, and Brewerkz for the first time yesterday. I like Brotzeit because of their wide array of food and drinks at reasonable prices. But definitely, we were there for the delicious food. Service is average and they hire many foreigners so sometimes we do get a little annoyed when they failed to understand our orders properly. ( This is the outlet at One-North, not too sure about the Vivocity outlet)

In this review, i shall do a comparison of the two restaurants for the most important accompaniment with German Beer *DRUMROLLS* PORK KNUCKLE

                   Brotzeit Beer & Restaurant                    Brewerkz Microbrewery & Restaurant
Pork Knuckle ($36)
Pork Knuckle ($34)

If you all agree with me, the skin of the pork knuckle is the best part of the entire dish. Brotzeit serves this dish perfectly, the layer of crispy skin on the outer and tender meat on the inside makes a great contrast. Eat it with the sauerkraut and potato salad for a less guilty meal. I really enjoy the homemade sauce on the side that comes with it. I heard the secrets to making the skin crispy is to add lots of salt onto it before leaving it in the oven to cook, perhaps we're eating salt-laden pork knuckle without realising it. The greens served was not very fresh, i wonder if it is meant to be eaten or for decoration purpose. We had two more sides to go with our meal. One is Homemade buttered Spätzle and the other is potato wedges. Their portions are quite big for just $5 each. Good to share between 3-4 pax. 

However, the same type of dish was a disappointment at Brewerkz. I thought it will be better than Brotzeit from the description. ' Braised in our Oatmeal Stout'- this could be the reason why the skin was almost inedible. Once the dish was served, it looks fine and i was actually excited to try it. However, it became soggy and too hard to chew after about 15 minutes. The meat beneath the skin was more tender than that of Brotzeit though. In the end, we left the skin uneaten which was such a waste. Only if it was cooked the way Brotzeit did... I am really curious to know if theirs was meant to be this chewy though, if anyone happened to know the secrets to Brewerkz's Pork Knuckle, kindly advise me! :)

Brotzeit Bar & Restaurant
Bacon Pizza ($18)
The pizza was rather average. I like the skin which was not too thick or thin. There was sufficient toppings on it for those who ends up eating the meat and leave the skin behind while munching your standard Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. Not a bad idea to order this if you are having a big group to share with.

Tea-Time Platter ( from left: Chocolate banana crepe, breaded button mushrooms with tartar sauce,  Breaded Camembert with Cranberry Sauce)
Wondering why i highlighted the breaded camembert with cranberry sauce? Yes!!! I love it most. The fried cheese snack dipped with the sweet and sour cranberry sauce was such a joy to have! I was so glad i had this platter because the mushroom was quite good too! Not to mention the chocolate banana crepe, it was nice to have something sweet amongst the many savoury dishes we had.

We had two types of beer, one Hefe - Weissbier and a Original Münchner Lager. For a non-experienced alcoholic, i feel that they are rather smooth and not too dry, perfect for light drinkers like myself.

Brewerkz Microbrewery & Restaurant

Cobb Salad ( $22)
When the bowl came, we were all shocked by the portion of the salad. Having had salads in several places before and they are usually quite small. This is almost similar to what you get at Hard Rock Cafes. There were greens, chicken breast, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions, hardboiled egg and avocado served with their special salad dressing. It was a refreshing appetizer for before we attacked the meaty dishes thereafter. 

Sweet Potato Fries ($9)
MY FAVOURITE DISH FOR THE NIGHT!!!! Rarely do restaurants have any sweet potato dishes and this being my all-time favourite staple food, how can i not try it? It was crispy on the outside, while the sweet potato itself was soft and sweet. Served hot, i believe even the less crazy fans of sweet potatoes will enjoy it! :)

Buffalo Chicken Wings (Small: $17 , Large: $28)
We ordered the small portion because we had too many dishes already. Although it was not as spicy as we had expected, it was well seasoned and quite tasty. The celery and carrot sticks adds a nice crunch to it. It is recommended by many diners but i would not recommend it if you had tried TCC's or Sunset Grill & Pub.

Almost forgot to mention, the pork knuckle can only be served after 6pm which was why we ended up ordering the buffalo wings. It was indeed served on the dot at 6pm, i hope they did not prepare it too long prior to serving, causing the quality of the knuckle to be affected.

We had 2 jugs of beers: IPA and Oktoberfest. I heard the stout is good but has yet to try it. Personally, i think Brotzeit's beer is smooth and crisp while Brewerkz is drier and more bitter. I guess everyone has different preferences so it is up to you to judge which you would prefer! Happy hour is before 6pm $28 for a jug of beer. 

Enjoy post Oktoberfest! :)


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