Saturday Brunch @ Mouth Restaurant

I have been dying to try all the good custard buns in town. Been to several like the Teochew City Seafood Restaurant @ Centrepoint, Scholars Restaurant @ NUSS Guild House, SweeChoon...( I'd be sure to write a post of all after i rank them ^^ ) 

So today, me together with my 2 foodie friends decided to try something different from the usual steamed bun.Gotten to know about this baked salted egg yolk bun through a webbie  ( 'You have to try everything on this list' , i told myself...and picked Mouth Restaurant because of the custard bun of course. It used to be in Chinatown and apparently a rather famous restaurant then. It recently revamped the menu and is currently located at two venues:

China Square Central Branch
22 Cross Street #01-61
China Square Central
South Bridge Court Shop House
Singapore 048421
Tel: 6438 5798 , Fax: 6438 5623

Plaza Singapura Branch
68 Orchard Road #02-01

Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 7446, Fax: 6337 8144
We spent a long long time deciding on what to have but eventually settled on the Salted Baked Egg Yolk Bun ( of course), Crystal Dumplings with Fungus, Seafood Squid Ink Porridge, Fried Vermicilli with Prawns and Roast pork, Squid Ink Char Siew Bao, Rojak Carrot Cake. 
Trust me, they are all damn good and if you were to ask me to choose a favorite, i will not be able to! 
Firstly, the Rojak Carrot Cake ( fried in rojak sauce and sprinkled with fried garlic) was such a pleasant surprise. Having saw it on somebody's post earlier, i asked the waitress if this dish was available because it is not in the menu. And we managed to ordered it especially for our table! How amazing is that right? Perhaps only old customers who frequent their restaurant would request for this dish specially cooked and served hot. It was a perfect blend of the sweet rojak sauce with the savoury diced carrot cake. I never had such tasty carrot cake before and this is definitely worth a THUMBS UP!

p.s. So now that you know this, we can all be 'old customers' muahahahaha :D

Secondly, the Baked Salted Egg Yolk Bun ( 3 for $5) did not disappoint us. In fact, we were quite shocked by the taste of it when we bite through half the bun. The filling was smooth and flowy. The yolk taste is pretty strong but i love it. Slightly towards the oily side, but i will still highly recommend it for those who are adventurous and would like to try a different texture of the bread covering your salted egg yolk filling. Next time i will need to ask for it to be served hotter as the ones we got today were just warm. 

Third dish that i am recommending is the Seafood Squid Ink Porridge ($8.80) . For such an affordable price, you get a reasonably large bowl filled with fresh prawns, scallops and fish. Don't be disheartened when you see the dish, it may not look as good as it actually taste. The deep fried youtiao scattered on top as the garnish was very crispy and does not become too soft even when you stir them into the porridge. It could feed all 3 of us with at least 3 bowls each. Unbelievable right? As for the taste, i really like it. The porridge was smooth and cooked with ginger and sesame oil. Perfect for a cold weather like this year end :)

Finally, i will choose to commend the Squid Ink Char Siew Bao. The bun was soft and fluffy and filled with sufficient amount of succulent char siew. Not too sweet for my liking. As it is supposed to be a savoury dish anyway. I like it a lot despite not being as hot as i wish it'll be.
The vermicilli was a little too salty for my liking. And it is rather normal so i am not going to elaborate too much. But the dumpling with fungues is actually quite good. The skin was soft and thin with enough filling. At least it was hot, for once. hahaha...
Overall, i will say this place is worth giving a try. They have plenty of other ala carte dishes at affordable prices. Portion is rather big. 3 of us spent a total of $62.40 after GST and taxes. Besides, the hot tea was the perfect compliment to our sinful lunch and the waitresses kindly refilled our tea several times. I think we were full from the many cups of hot tea rather than the dishes itself :P


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